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Actually everything is an acquired taste. Some science nerd can probably elaborate on this but the reason we perceive certain food/drinks as "good" is because our brain recognizes the taste and releases pleasure signals as a kind of reward, for correctly recognizing/expecting the taste. Similar concept applies to music.- More on alcohol: I think the reason why alot of people seem to dislike it is because of the bitterness. People tend to "acquire" the taste of alcohol...
In my limited experience its like a really light granite colour. Julius does alot of creams, off-whites, and various shades of grey. Don't know if ive ever seen stark white pants from him before.
Yup. 5-zip fits perfect
I think it looks pretty damn bad. 1. Jacket is too short 2. High button stance 3. Pants seem long in the rise. I think trousers look best hugging your nutsack. The long crotch and high button stance look really odd. I think suits are all about proportion. When you tinker with the length it messes with the button stance, with the rise of the trousers, with the shirt visibility, exposing side/back pockets, hip/shoulder ratio. A suit jacket that ends in the middle of your...
Do you not know what regular means? At 5'4 118 his regular size will be XS. There, done.
I cant tell if youre being sarcastic or not but its actually great advice. Seriously. And you don't even have to send me 50 bucks.0/10 (do people still do this?)
lol the average IQ of someone who orders a TOJ jacket must be like 65. Measurements are 90% obsolete. Generally anecdotal sizing info/advice is completely unreliable. Even an inch in body length can make a critical difference. For example an extra inch can make sitting down in a leather extremely comfortable and puff out the entire torso (this is why Rick jackets suck ass btw, im 5'11, wear a size small and have this issue). 1. Fact: Most people lie about their height,...
dont worry, row # wont matter if Drew never reads the spreadsheet ; - )
the boot tuck is not working
I think, for me, the difference between that MMM and TB is that TB sort of goes all out. Red/white/blue grosgrain, extreme cropped lengths, those schoolboyish brogues, fun prints/checks/patterns. The MMM suit is just the classic conservative navy, where the short length is the unfortunate focus and really quite jarring.
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