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Uhh dude, did you think about what you just said? You're assuming people who have money don't want more of it? I wish I lived in your world.
It is literally hilarious how SF will go 5 pages straight about 0.25" off of a pair of grey trousers and fits like this are revered.
^ Thats some sick construction but the jacket is ugly as fuck lol. I feel like Simone should just quit making clothes and frame his beloved pieces of animal skin. For alot of these "designers" the actual product that customers put on their body seems like an afterthought.
So I finally got a pair of Wyatts, they are some of the best boots I have ever tried. They definitely grew on me, they look a little unwieldy and awkward in the stock pics, kinda remind me of 60 year old gay sugar daddy boots. But they create an amazing silhouette when worn, with the shaft tucked under skinny jeans. Im like a size 29-30 waist so they really create a flattering elongating lines of the leg as neonrider mentioned earlier in the thread. Also im like 6'0...
^ thanks dude. They really deserve the hype they get. Charcoal sold.
Colloquially speaking, SZ is dead. Faust banned most of the cool/interesting/fashionable people and the rest just quit on their own.
IC/Open to Trade: Burberry Prorsum SS11 Leather Biker Jacket Size: 48 (very slim, 46-48) Amazing jacket. Grail. But my wardrobe is fairly one-note and don't know how well this meshes with the stuff I usually wear. Note: Small area of stitches loose depicted in last photo, easily fixed by any tailor. Open to offers. Looking for SLP/Balmain stuff.
I have been seriously thinking of paring down my closet to ~20 pieces total. The other day I literally took an hour to get dressed then in the end I left the house in the same shirt I've worn for like, the last 2 years straight. Having a closet is overrated, changing your clothes is overrated, variety is overrated.
$850. Navy. (charcoal sold) These are the best "staple" suits on the market for slim-skinny guys. Amazing price to quality ratio. Made by Caruso, fully canvassed, made in Italy you know the deal. Rarely if ever go on sale let alone 36S which stores dont order much of. I lost weight and my day to day life requires 1 suit at the very most and am trying to unclutter my closet. Condition: almost BNWT. Both blazers worn one time each to an interview. Pants unworn, unaltered...
I think they do this in some version every season (detachable sleeves version, regular, braided leather sleeves etc) so try contacting Phillip Lim stores or retailers if you haven't already done so? Im pretty sure I saw a version of this for sale in like early 2013, then at a different retailer in mid 2014.My friend used to have one of these actually and i remember it being a sick jacket. Leather is really soft and supple and drapes nicely and feels almost weightless....
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