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You are 100% wrong. Skinny people look better in all types of clothing. Unless youre talking CHAPs shirts and Dickies at Walmart.
Getting big and bulky is much easier. You just have to train and eat. When you're trying to lose weight (im talking 12% BF and below) you have to fit a certain number of macros/micros into a very restricted amount of calories. The hard part is how dieting affects your mind. The actual weighing, measuring, cooking "clean" food isnt hard it all, but how it affects your priorities like family/work/school. It gets harder to stick a restricted meal plan when a final exam is...
woah great point. Also the 6'3 220lbs models need to stop, its not good for business (rare stature/build, leads to missizing, leads to returns) and is really painful to look at. Compare the SSense meathead models to the models at LVR.* Both stores are amazing have amazing service though.
In my experience, its best to stick to 1-2 favourite brands and buy like 80% of your clothes from them. After years of online "blind" impulse shopping ive gotten slightly better. Nowadays I force myself to think really hard that isn't FavBrand#1 or FavBrand2. I am also a huge advocate of brand synergy. Aside from the obvious aesthetic clashes, even two brands from the same genre (like Rick + Julius, or Balmain + SLP) look subpar when combined. Its all in the details. The...
Actually everything is an acquired taste. Some science nerd can probably elaborate on this but the reason we perceive certain food/drinks as "good" is because our brain recognizes the taste and releases pleasure signals as a kind of reward, for correctly recognizing/expecting the taste. Similar concept applies to music.- More on alcohol: I think the reason why alot of people seem to dislike it is because of the bitterness. People tend to "acquire" the taste of alcohol...
In my limited experience its like a really light granite colour. Julius does alot of creams, off-whites, and various shades of grey. Don't know if ive ever seen stark white pants from him before.
Yup. 5-zip fits perfect
I think it looks pretty damn bad. 1. Jacket is too short 2. High button stance 3. Pants seem long in the rise. I think trousers look best hugging your nutsack. The long crotch and high button stance look really odd. I think suits are all about proportion. When you tinker with the length it messes with the button stance, with the rise of the trousers, with the shirt visibility, exposing side/back pockets, hip/shoulder ratio. A suit jacket that ends in the middle of your...
Do you not know what regular means? At 5'4 118 his regular size will be XS. There, done.
I cant tell if youre being sarcastic or not but its actually great advice. Seriously. And you don't even have to send me 50 bucks.0/10 (do people still do this?)
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