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Love it, looks great. Hopefully it fits.
Fuck, I just saw the Omega on the front page and I almost ejaculated in my pants. This is what I wear day-to-day, vintage 1960's SeaMaster DeVille with the crosshair dial.
You're right actually, most of them are pretty normal sized. But occasionally ill come across a really egregiously styled outfit. Usually its this dude, he looks like an NFL WR and the stylists seem to love putting him in pointy toed boots and skinny jeans, turtle necks on his 18" neck...I prefer the LVR models because their body type is close to mine, but I dont think anyone would argue they have some of the best styling in the e-commerce market. Also worth noting, I live...
the purple looks awesome.Ive always wanted to like the OC varsity jackets just because the idea is cool. But they all end up being pretty ugly.
I think you would have more luck in classic menswear bro
Yeah the SLP footwear in my experience always fits perfectly under some 15.5cm. Even the 11-hole combats fit no problem.
You are 100% wrong. Skinny people look better in all types of clothing. Unless youre talking CHAPs shirts and Dickies at Walmart.
Getting big and bulky is much easier. You just have to train and eat. When you're trying to lose weight (im talking 12% BF and below) you have to fit a certain number of macros/micros into a very restricted amount of calories. The hard part is how dieting affects your mind. The actual weighing, measuring, cooking "clean" food isnt hard it all, but how it affects your priorities like family/work/school. It gets harder to stick a restricted meal plan when a final exam is...
woah great point. Also the 6'3 220lbs models need to stop, its not good for business (rare stature/build, leads to missizing, leads to returns) and is really painful to look at. Compare the SSense meathead models to the models at LVR.* Both stores are amazing have amazing service though.
In my experience, its best to stick to 1-2 favourite brands and buy like 80% of your clothes from them. After years of online "blind" impulse shopping ive gotten slightly better. Nowadays I force myself to think really hard that isn't FavBrand#1 or FavBrand2. I am also a huge advocate of brand synergy. Aside from the obvious aesthetic clashes, even two brands from the same genre (like Rick + Julius, or Balmain + SLP) look subpar when combined. Its all in the details. The...
New Posts  All Forums: