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Lol another TOJ disaster. It looks terrible. Its an extremely basic black/black varsity you could have done MUCH better for MUCH less.
looks solid
women/men do factor in nice clothing into your attractiveness level. but dont kid yourself toj jackets dont fall into that category.
lol bro, come on now. Rock runners are kinda cool and fun. New balance is what dads who read GQ wear with happy socks
Love it, looks great. Hopefully it fits.
Fuck, I just saw the Omega on the front page and I almost ejaculated in my pants. This is what I wear day-to-day, vintage 1960's SeaMaster DeVille with the crosshair dial.
You're right actually, most of them are pretty normal sized. But occasionally ill come across a really egregiously styled outfit. Usually its this dude, he looks like an NFL WR and the stylists seem to love putting him in pointy toed boots and skinny jeans, turtle necks on his 18" neck...I prefer the LVR models because their body type is close to mine, but I dont think anyone would argue they have some of the best styling in the e-commerce market. Also worth noting, I live...
the purple looks awesome.Ive always wanted to like the OC varsity jackets just because the idea is cool. But they all end up being pretty ugly.
I think you would have more luck in classic menswear bro
Yeah the SLP footwear in my experience always fits perfectly under some 15.5cm. Even the 11-hole combats fit no problem.
New Posts  All Forums: