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At the end of the day you can and should just wear whatever you want. But you definitely aren't the first (nor the last) to feel like dressing goth ninja is the beginning of your great catharsis, you want to rebel against the fashion norms, youre expressing your true inner self etc etc etc.
IC Condition: Worn lightly, silver is a little lighter on edges, general light wear. This is an amazing quality piece its built like a tank. SS11 Retail ~$6500 Made in France Size 48 (very very slim, best for 46) In my humble opinion the coolest varsity jacket design produced in atleast a decade. Executed in the very best materials & construction. Leather is of amazing quality. They used thick single-piece choice cuts of the hide for the jacket. Amazing grain, weight,...
CLASSIC SAINT LAURENT MOTORCYCLE JACKET WITH EPAULETS, 3 ZIP POCKETS, SNAP CLOSURE FLAP POCKET, WAISTBAND WITH BELT LOOPS AND ZIP CUFFS. 100% LAMBSKIN SATIN LINING ASYMMETRICAL ZIP CLOSURE 2 INTERIOR POCKETS MADE IN ITALY Size: 46 Worn once to evaluate fit, perfect condition. Could pass as brand new. This jacket is from 2013, one of the very first SLP collections. The leather is so much softer and has a much better texture/sheen than the new recent...
The best boot on the market today. Ubiquitous in the SLP campaigns. Amazing silhouette. Brand new in box, tried on indoors only. I just bought a pair in black that is more congruous with my style and don't want to keep (hoard) both. Size 43 +$40 shipping (double boxed, if you want it) in North America, int'l please inquire +$25 shipping (single boxed) in North America, int'l please inquire
Nadezhda Shawl Collar Cardigan '09-'10 Made in Japan 80% wool, 20%nylon Size M (46-48) Brand new condition The original NdG Nadezhda Cardigan. This is the original, more expensive, higher quality version Made in Japan version, not the cheaper Made in China reissue. Thick and super comfortable. Leather buttons and button slips. Collar can be worn both folded down, or up when it gets chillier. Extremely versatile oatmeal colour goes with everything, not bland like grey can...
Dude... trust me. Get rid of those pants ASAP and never start down that road again. Yohji at best is for a small % of people who are dedicated/committed to the aesthetic. Just go buy some APC and common projects.
its sad people are GLAD they only(!!!!!) had to wait 2 years for a jacket that looks mediocre at best. When I worked retail people would throw tantrums if their jean hemming was ready at 1pm instead of 12pm. Talk about low standards.
People still believe you have to wash your clothes? Lmao. Its largely propaganda and lobbying from cleaning supply companies. Seriously. I once machine washed a $6k leather jacket then threw it in the dryer after it was fine. Your shirts aren't going to self destruct once they see the inside of your washing machine. That said, I hand wash most of my clothing when I need to (if they smell, or ive sweat in the garment), cause I find it therapeutic and doing so sets my mind...
nicelynice, the 5 zip looks really awesome.
Yes, sounds like a great idea. Go get the custom hat, and while you're at it go to levis and get 511 jeans instead of 15.5cm, get a schott leather instead of an L01, get red wings instead of ranger boots, get vans authentics instead of the skate sneakers. Exact same look for less!!!!!!!! FFS...The SLP hat looks amazing I think. Beautiful shape and materials (from the internet pics). Unfortunately too hardcore for my boring style.
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