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People still believe you have to wash your clothes? Lmao. Its largely propaganda and lobbying from cleaning supply companies. Seriously. I once machine washed a $6k leather jacket then threw it in the dryer after it was fine. Your shirts aren't going to self destruct once they see the inside of your washing machine. That said, I hand wash most of my clothing when I need to (if they smell, or ive sweat in the garment), cause I find it therapeutic and doing so sets my mind...
nicelynice, the 5 zip looks really awesome.
Yes, sounds like a great idea. Go get the custom hat, and while you're at it go to levis and get 511 jeans instead of 15.5cm, get a schott leather instead of an L01, get red wings instead of ranger boots, get vans authentics instead of the skate sneakers. Exact same look for less!!!!!!!! FFS...The SLP hat looks amazing I think. Beautiful shape and materials (from the internet pics). Unfortunately too hardcore for my boring style.
Shorts almost always look bad, but black pleated dress pant-short things? those are horrible.P.S. your photography has always been fine.PPS I get it if you do this for fun. If you're sincerely trying to dress better consider hiring a stylist or something because you seem to lack good (fashion/style) taste.
Why is it such an SF thing to talk like 14 year old teenage girls, constantly bitching, making snarky comments, and asking stupid rhetorical questions? The fit was absolutely atrocious, I doubt anyone with half a brain would disagree. It was horrible with the jacket, and would've been slightly less horrible without. Fuuma and Nicelynice's fits looked great, they can't be compared*.*The key difference here is how the clothes were styled. I know, I know, its crazy. But this...
Finally got some combats, the shape is exquisite. And extremely solid construction/materials. I am thinking of getting a second exact same pair, against my better judgement lol... (excuse the shitty photos)
^ those look great. I prefer them in white but black is awesome too. Though you can't go wrong with CP's for a casual shoe, I still remember when they would retail for like $400 ($340-350US) canadian way back when.
I sincerely don't want to harp. But you suffer horribly from dressed by the internet syndrome. This is how Rick was intended to be worn. Its fucking crazy how Rick jackets went from being stylde like that on the runway to onto the back of a J crew striped shirt and J crew merino v neck. Normcore gone horribly wrong.
Have you guys considered his restaurant is funded by his embezzled TOJ money? Would be hilarious.
lol I cant believe it has to be said but buttondowns with a v neck sweater don't go with Rick. But the background really says it all. "Suburban house-dad going through midlife crisis so he buys a Rick leather and takes a fit pic in his garage so his wife won't make fun of him"
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