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Some people will just never dress well or be stylish. Im sure some psychology major can chime in on the corresponding segments of the brain that control and dictate all that fun stuff. Isolation, your outfit is horrible and so is your haircut (I am being honest not intending to be impertinent). If you're serious about dressing better you should go to Nordstrom or Saks or whatever and get some styling advice from one of those commissioned blood thirsty beasts.
The flathead looks phenomenal.
that a1923 jacket looks sick. over the years though Ive learned to pay attention to fit pics when provided. The fit looks suffocating and awkward, if you posted that in MC your computer would burst into flames instantly. Wool/ramie selvage fabric is something that looks best well tailored with little room for error in the fit. Hope im wrong though, if it fits I have no doubt it will look insanely good.
None of these guys are best dressed by a long shot. You should've called the thread "Yet another collection of street style photos"
^ thanks for the info.
If anyone has this (blue only) in a size IV/V I think, and looking to sell PM me.
Just watched the Babadook. Was literally one of the worst movies I have ever seen in my life. Extremely disappointing. Spoilers and my 2 cents below [[SPOILER]]
Thats a seriously cool look (Erik who shops at Understudy). Frames, hair, clothes, everything
lol thats hilarious. Necklace looks pretty good too.
^ Beautiful!
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