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lol I cant believe it has to be said but buttondowns with a v neck sweater don't go with Rick. But the background really says it all. "Suburban house-dad going through midlife crisis so he buys a Rick leather and takes a fit pic in his garage so his wife won't make fun of him"
Looks great. Love the black leather + baseball cap + blue jeans combo.
they sincerely look bad. my dad wears his jeans like that. Where the jeans are pulled up so far up your ass crack the back pockets are like the eyes on a hammerhead shark. seriously.
Thanks. Im not a denim expert but I meant to convey that ive tried many different brands, cheaper than slp to way more expensive. Across the different aesthetic spectrums, too. LVC, apc, sugar cane, dior, balmain, ccp, BBS, julius, rick, BoO etc. So when im referencing tangible aspects of quality across different brands/price points im drawing on actual experience.I was born a bit too late to fully experience and appreciate the DH era. In hindsight they weren't that...
I think the better question is why any of you bother with Sasquatchfabrix stuff at all. I would use their clothes to wipe my ass.
The buffet talk was a little of -topic, just me vomiting my thoughts onto the keyboard. What I meant was most of us (myself included) have quality, value, price, cost heavily factored into our decision making processes and I don't know if that's a good thing at all. A last thought on the matter, my favourite piece of clothing is an $800 (what I paid, the RRP was more) green t shirt with holes that must've cost like $1.00 in fabric to produce, and have worn 4 times in 2 years.
They're fake. You really don't need pictures of zippers, tag etc to tell. Just look at them as a whole, and you can notice that the proportions are extremely distorted. Its extremely hard to fake designer jeans, its extremely easy to take an authentic tag and attach it to a fake product.
Thanks for the well thought out response.Regarding the "lamblasting". I think it was very appropriate, I mean the off-topic question led to 3 pages of useless shitty comments by many people. And would be better suited for the small questions thread.Ill defer to your denim knowledge. But, I stand by what I said, for me they're jeans. I don't want anything special. In fact I have plenty of special pieces that mysteriously never get worn in favour of my "average quality"...
Thanks, I felt the same way lol. The big steel diver watches (rolex, panerai etc) didn't appeal to me at all.
not a big watch guy but really wanted/needed one as an accesory. Really happy with this one, 1962 vintage Omega seamaster deville with crosshair dial.
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