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bro that length is way too long. "Back stacking" on a jacket looks terrible. TOJ is such a disaster. PSA: dont buy MTM anything off shady dudes in korea.
I wouldn't attempt this ever. Chunky knit under blazer usually ends up with you looking like the Michelan Man. The model in the photo looks good but photos =/= real life. You will look stuffy, huge and really disproportionate. Go for a button down + thin cashmere crewneck + navy blazer instead.
Older 5 zip with MRS zippers and the armpit vents.
Its easy to tell between people who are interested in fashion/style and have grown and developed their style over years vs people who decided one day they wanted to get into fashion and walk into Barneys and drop 10k. Fashion is like everything else, you spend the time, have the interest you'll look good. There's no cutting corners spending alot of $$ won't make you look good.
Dude, IMO, the jacket looks great. Perfect even. The leather should settle and drape better against your body after a bit. There is a certain attractive quality about clothing (especially jackets) that fit great, but not perfect. Feels more natural.
You're getting way ahead of yourself. I am going to assume you're a "fashion beginner", and you have to be judging by that fit pic. Go buy clothes in person and try them on before buying. Find your style/aesthetic. Don't start off buying designer brands online (TOJ is quasi-designer on the internet), you'll never appreciate them or be able to wear them nicely, and you'll look like shit. See The3rdConchord. Buying stuff online is a huge crapshoot and only really works if...
Lol another TOJ disaster. It looks terrible. Its an extremely basic black/black varsity you could have done MUCH better for MUCH less.
looks solid
women/men do factor in nice clothing into your attractiveness level. but dont kid yourself toj jackets dont fall into that category.
lol bro, come on now. Rock runners are kinda cool and fun. New balance is what dads who read GQ wear with happy socks
New Posts  All Forums: