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Woah, thats like the best photo I've ever seen on SF. Nice fit too.
Looks better in this pic, the styling definitely helps. Would probably fit perfect with a bit of weight.C'mon now. Price and well-fitted garments have nearly zero correlation?As for the jacket looking good, I said exactly that in my original post, but I guess you read what you want to see.As for my comparisons, I deliberately chose brands that SF members are into, to speak the SF language so to speak. And I meant that they fit better judged in the context if their...
Fits kind of awkward no? Loose in the upper sleeve and a tad wide in the shoulders. You look like a fairly typical size, and slim. I'm of a similar build and have found many brands fit much better than that off-the-rack (off the top of my head: slp, balmain, rick, julius, ccp, etc). Made to measure is actually a bad thing for most people (and no, you are problably not the exception). You have no idea what you could fuck up for very little minimal gain. Then again im used...
Looks awesome. Purple + long hair always reminds me of Heath Ledger's Joker.
You're wrong. There's nothing wrong with putting yourself into financial strain to buy clothes. Some people are way too obsessed with money. Life is meant to be enjoyed not to just survive dumping all your cash into retirement plans and savings so you can safely arrive to death (cliche, but its true) in your J.Crew because you didn't want to financially strain yourself so you avoided doing the things you loved to do.
bro that length is way too long. "Back stacking" on a jacket looks terrible. TOJ is such a disaster. PSA: dont buy MTM anything off shady dudes in korea.
I wouldn't attempt this ever. Chunky knit under blazer usually ends up with you looking like the Michelan Man. The model in the photo looks good but photos =/= real life. You will look stuffy, huge and really disproportionate. Go for a button down + thin cashmere crewneck + navy blazer instead.
Older 5 zip with MRS zippers and the armpit vents.
Its easy to tell between people who are interested in fashion/style and have grown and developed their style over years vs people who decided one day they wanted to get into fashion and walk into Barneys and drop 10k. Fashion is like everything else, you spend the time, have the interest you'll look good. There's no cutting corners spending alot of $$ won't make you look good.
Dude, IMO, the jacket looks great. Perfect even. The leather should settle and drape better against your body after a bit. There is a certain attractive quality about clothing (especially jackets) that fit great, but not perfect. Feels more natural.
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