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I think they do this in some version every season (detachable sleeves version, regular, braided leather sleeves etc) so try contacting Phillip Lim stores or retailers if you haven't already done so? Im pretty sure I saw a version of this for sale in like early 2013, then at a different retailer in mid 2014.My friend used to have one of these actually and i remember it being a sick jacket. Leather is really soft and supple and drapes nicely and feels almost weightless....
It seems to me they're reaching their exact target demographicI mean, you have to have an underdeveloped brain to believe this bullshit"For those who aren't familiar with John Elliott + Co, our brand utilizes the highest quality materials,"Yes im sure your Old Navy brand of grey sweatshirts uses the highest quality of materials. Please. And lets not forget every shitty clothing brands favourite catch phrase: "raw selvage denim from Japan".That said, I can appreciate JE as...
I also salute anyone who isn't afraid to dress a little bit differently. That said, being unique doesn't preclude you from dressing like shit.This whole casual racism, social justice narrative is fucking exhausting. Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, "racist" comments about Asians, N-words. Who really cares. The world is a fucked up place we should all just deal with it .
There's so much variety and close substitutes out there now, a $30 alteration or 10 minute walk to the tailor's can EASILY be a deal breaker.
Is this an inside joke? Those Yohji pants in that outfit are just terrible.
Cold-dyed Military Tent J Pant AW 2011 (IIRC) Size 50 (48-50) Made in Italy Condition: 8/10 (crotch and back waistband could use reinforcement, refer to pictures) One of the best LUC pants ever produced. Typical scarce production run, 20-30 pairs worldwide. The darkest military tent pant produced, closest to black. Amazing fabric and texture, best artisanal fabric I have ever seen. 100% linen I believe. Really substantial and heavy duty fabric, will likely outlive you....
I guess we would agree to disagree. I mean its not a groundbreaking fit but looks perfectly executed to me. I've literally never seen someone wear sweats+GAT's better than SVB did. And this is completely disregarding the veteran member/high poster stuff.
You're definitely missing something. Its a perfect look in that relaxed, casual menswear vein. Everything fits perfect, colours mesh well, complements his skin tone, hair colour etc. Looks really stylish and well put together. There's no dumpster fire of random designers though, if that's what you normally look for.
Dude, you posted 4 times last page and 4 times your post referenced TOJ. The frequency and earnesty that it is mentioned with in this thread is seriously fucking embarassing and detracts from quality of this thread and the forum as a whole.
Dude, seriously dont buy a TOJ. I have seen the the jackets in person and they look like shit. Everyone who preaches TOJ here (sinnedk, Uncontrol) would let Drew shit in their mouth if he told them to. The leather is unremarkable and the cuts horrible (internet MTM will never work). Go buy a jacket that a real professional designed and support a legitimate business not some Made in Korea internet scam artist shit.
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