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Rare blue waxed clawmarks from fw03 LUSTER. Very lightly worn, basically brand new.
From SS10 Release. Good for a 44-slim 46. Brand new with tags. Price is firm. Shipping depends on where you are. will trade for the exact same leather in medium
fuck need these in 43. sick shoes
In my opinion the best hoodie you can buy. minimalist but with details that set it apart ( he full zip) but at the same time not too lux that you dont treat it like a hoodie. very convenient especially when its cold you can zip it up all the way to your chin to block out the wind. I just bought a Small of the exact same hoodie and am letting this one go cuz it doesnt fit me as well. Colour is a washed black Size medium
I wear 2 year old sneakers and dri fit ankle socks in the Toronto no problem. its not that bad unless you are walking for 2+ hours everyday and forget to pick up your feet
had a chance to completely pay off my credit card bill but decided to spend another 1.2k but I dont really regret it
if you want to "justify the price" go to walmart and grab some levis jeans. theyre fucking designer labels. god you are a dense. every single one of your posts are retarded
that jacket is sick. does it have a name/season?
oh the irony..
question is all relative. Im ok in the coldest toronto days in just a hoodie with a light jacket over. some people are freezing in their arctic parkas
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