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they kinda look like visvim virgils.
Im sure it says plenty. Fortunately, we are on an internet forum and I dont really care about the "strength" of my arguments. I just wanted to let you know you're an idiot.TOJ People: Youre not special. You had 180 days, you didnt use them. Paypal doesnt owe you shit. Dont clog up their phone lines for people who have legitimate problems to resolve.Silver lining: You may be out a lot of money, but you wont be seen in an ugly ass TOJ jacket.
I have done like ~300 transactions and probalby around 50k USD in Paypal transactions in my life time. Not a SINGLE unsatisfied transaction. One caveat though: I dont send money to some shady dude in Korea, wait 2 years and expect PayPal to cover my ass for how stupid and gullible I was.
LOL you're an idiot. As an avid PayPal user, their system is as good as you can reasonably expect.People's stupidity is what was integral to the embezzlement. Dont blame PayPal.
OK ill try and make it more quality for you. youre too thick for ccp. the taper looks insane because it looks like its a 34-36" waist tapering down to like 6". CCP blazers are long on me and im almost 6'. they look like mens warehouse on you. Blazer + untucked shirt = eyesore. ill post a fit pic next time im not wearing adidas track pants and make sure to dedicate it to you.
lol. youre the king of disservice to CCP
Really? He meant unsure, as in unsure if the quality of the jacket is worth the price he paid.
RLBL's shirts are just as good as the suits. Nice and (actually) slim fit. This fits me great and im 5'11 150lbs, when a shirt like BB ESF was like a balloon on me. Great fabric, MOP buttons, curved barrel cuff. Made in Italy. Condition: Worn once (~3 hours) for an interview, could pass for brand new. Comes with tags and pouch of extra buttons, and both plastic + metal collar stays. Shipping $20 to US, $15 to Canada. Measurements: Shoulder: 17" Chest: 20.5" Sleeve: 25.5"
yeah that outfit is horrible. I actually kinda like the TB logo peacocking but only in an entirely TB fit.
Have seen alot of the stuff. Would be good for basics, I guess, at a good price. I consider it on par with APC.
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