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Bought these a while ago, amazing boots. But I am a 43 and recently acquired the exact same pair in all leather so these have to go. Would love to trade for a 43 on the off chance someone out there has one. - Beautiful suede leather - Very well made sole - Heavy duty substantial silver buckles and chunky LAMPO zip - Already added a protective sole (costs around $60-80 to do properly) - Worn twice very very lightly, 9.9/10 condition - Look amazing zipped all the way up or...
0 marketing costs either, with sheep like Brad t floating around shoving the brand down everyone's throat.
WTB: This RO leather bomber in a size Small or Medium Black leather or suede Prefer the lamb version (SS10 release, or something similar)
100% Authentic Super rare, impossible to find now, especially with the plethora of fakes out there Oversized fit Beautiful print, amazing in real life 9/10 condition, some wear on the neck, but excellent condition, no flaws Get your hands on one of the best Givenchy pieces ever, especially with the garbage upcoming fw14 season
You obviously skipped this post then
"MMM, Rick, ToJ"Its obvious you're unaffected by the Styleforum groupthink lol...
You're over thinking it. Great quality, made to measure blah blah blah.The made to measure is why its so overpriced. When you give so much power to the customer they fuck it up 90% of the time. It's like going to the best restaurant in the city and creating a meal with the head chef (overpriced TOJ made to measure jackets) or sitting back and enjoying the meal and let the chef do his thing (let the designers design).on second thought, even im overthinking it.90% TOJ's...
I thought overpriced knockoffs were big on StyleForum (TOJ).
Medium, TTS, but looks great oversized with sleeves pushed up beige/cream body, white jersey sleeves slight discolouration on neck, would look great with a good steam
Brand new with tags True to Size, could fit slim 48 as well
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