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lol. youre the king of disservice to CCP
Really? He meant unsure, as in unsure if the quality of the jacket is worth the price he paid.
RLBL's shirts are just as good as the suits. Nice and (actually) slim fit. This fits me great and im 5'11 150lbs, when a shirt like BB ESF was like a balloon on me. Great fabric, MOP buttons, curved barrel cuff. Made in Italy. Condition: Worn once (~3 hours) for an interview, could pass for brand new. Comes with tags and pouch of extra buttons, and both plastic + metal collar stays. Shipping $20 to US, $15 to Canada. Measurements: Shoulder: 17" Chest: 20.5" Sleeve: 25.5"
yeah that outfit is horrible. I actually kinda like the TB logo peacocking but only in an entirely TB fit.
Have seen alot of the stuff. Would be good for basics, I guess, at a good price. I consider it on par with APC.
Jesus christ here we go again. Let me save you some time. All clothes that aren't shit stained caveman rags are unoriginal.
those nonnative wanderer boots look awesome, prefer the look to most of the visvim boots
hahahaha. Youre ready to buy CCP when you have the $ for it. Most people who wear CCP are just following a natural (tumblr style) progression from Supreme - HBA - Rick Owens - then CCP.
Slightly OT, but the Balenciaga sneakers look really cool.
Unfortunately, they do matter.SF phrases that should be censored:1. ________ is overpriced2. Buy a TOJ3. Other peoples' opinions dont matter@Classified All your fits look fine if you just accept shorts will always look bad. Unless you're vacationing on a beach somewhere, then they'll still look bad but you just shouldn't care as much.
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