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Size 50 Condition: Great condition. * My prescription is in, can easily be taken out. Amazing simple clean black everyday frames. These were extremely popular and sold out when they first came out and was continued for a period of time after NdG went defunct due to the success and popularity of the frame.
Size 44 (44-46) 100% Cotton Condition: Worn lightly, but still great condition. Gellers classic zip blazer in a cotton (canvas like). Really good structure, the collar stays up naturally and looks very sharp. Goes with jeans, lounge pants, formal/casual etc.
No he doesnt. At 5'8 125 he is fine. Americans are just so used to seeing fat pieces of shit around them (themselves, their family, friends) they think that is the way everyone should be and actually strive for it. Stockholm syndrome and obesity is your captor.Person A: Sacrifices on optimal food choices for something that makes him happy (new leather jacket).Reaction: You're living your life wrong!Person B: Sacrifices on optimal food choices (cripply student loans) to get...
fucking what the fuck, im signed up for the email and they didnt send me shit.nomadshop.net - up to 60% offuncleotis.com - up to 50% offrodengray.com - salealso no east dane markdowns?
thousand dollar UGGS. lol @ adicannohypebeast
^ Such a cool jacket.
amazing, you guys are still eating out of drews hand years after embezzling hundreds of thousands cause he took 5 minutes to write out a sob story while taking a shit.
dude that actually looks TERRIBLE. Legitimately the worst fit since The3rdConcord. Stop shopping by brand names and go develop an actual style.- That sharp white TB oxford will never look good with destroyed jeans- Same thing with the grey blazer (black could maybe work, but grey-substitute-teacher-tweed? never)- Jeans are too loose. They are borderline trashy, but can look awesome if you're super skinny, tall, and wear them super tight. You're in the Obama jeans territory...
Lorcans fit is kinda mediorre. Basic + Basic + Basic + Statement piece is a pretty "cheap" outfit formula. Sort of like the fashion equivalent to killing off characters in a tv show/movie. Doesnt really hold up to scrutiny, the details on the soloist coat are actually pretty garish if you have an eye for detail. Not necessarily bad though, I wear outfits like that all the time. Also reminds me of the MC dudes who wear Rick Intarsias over a white poplin dress shirt and...
MMM 5-Zip Size 46 Made in Italy Condition: Lightly worn a couple of times, but excellent condition, especially considering the jacket is like 10+ years old. One tiny abrasion, taken next to a coin for scale, pretty much invisible. The perfect 5-zip. Matte black lamb leather. Chunky silver toned MRS zips. Slim, short authentic motorcycle jacket fit, signature curved zipped sleeves. Armpit vents. Easily one of the best leather jackets on the market, goes with every outfit...
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