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dude its the fucking SLP thread for crying out loud. if you cant afford SLP, that sucks, but this isnt the place to ruminate about the tragic unfair world we live in.you're just as bad as the teenager up there. this is the fucking SLP thread for petes sake. no one cares that some kid has to mow lawns for 5 weekends straight so he can buy his april77 jeans. oh and delahno you dont need to tell us you cant afford SLP, trust me we know. Hard to imagine a stupid kid who...
love this. schneider is my favourite brand I never wear.
It hits right at my wrist bone which is the perfect length for me. the longsleeve im wearing under has long sleeves. its around 25" sleeve length on a 46, pretty standard.My jacket is from aw13 or ss13 cant remember. I saw the current ss15 one a couple of weeks ago and I remember the leather being extremely subpar.
This is the mistake most commonly made in this thread. Look for a jacket you like, then worry about the price. Don't limit your options by an arbitrary price range in an attempt to "beat" TOJ as an alternative.Also, please stop mentioning quality for the love of god. What do you expect your jacket to do? Protect you from a bullet or something? Most of you dudes wear your jacket to the office then to whole foods then back home why do you need your ostensibly amazing quality...
The difference is DH jeans are awesome and TOJ jackets are mediocre at best. The best way I can describe a TOJ jacket is I would buy one for my dad. For a fashion forum with the knowledge/resources that SF has, I think most people can do better.
You dont need to be cool to rock a double rider, in fact I think this thread is evidence to the contrary.
Thanks. I agree, quality doesn't vary much between the typical brands discussed here ($1k-$5k price points). And frankly, if the jacket doesn't explode the second i put it on its good enough for me.
This thread is actually hilarious. I think its telling that Drew himself wears a Margiela 5 zip exclusively. Says alot about what he thinks about his own product (ie. its shit).
Dude, there was absolutely 0 sarcasm in that post, nor is there in this one. I have a leather jacket that weighs like 8 lbs that can stand by itself. And I love it. Im a fan of both.And thick always = uncomfortable (in comparison, atleast to thinner varieties). The weight alone makes it so. Hard to bend arms, hard to zip up, hard to reach down to tie your shoes etc.
1. The sheen. Its a black jacket but it really stands out. It almost glows, you can tell its an expensive leather.2. Really soft and comfortable, the jacket when worn feels almost weightless. I know its fun to buy a leather jacket that is extremely thick and uncomfortable, but a thinner, comfortable leather usually gets way more wear and consequentially adds a significant value factor.http://www.selectism.com/2011/03/09/band-of-outsiders-bomber-jacket/#slide-4I was...
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