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Thanks. Fit looks great.
I mean, thats a good thing isnt it? No one wants a photoshop masturbation of a photo. Just want to see how the jacket drapes basically, all this leather nerd stuff of X.XX oz doesnt really mean anything to me, but when I see the leather on a human body I can tell if its too thick/thin, too slim for the leather or whatever. Also am very interested in how the sleeves fit, I find alot of brands do a baggy sleeve on moto/rider jackets which I just hate personally. Ill use...
The moto looks great, may order one. Question on behalf of myself and all non-US folks. Will you be able to mark as gift/low value for customs? Also, fit pics would be very helpful
The funny thing about those 2k boots you love so much is I can just go sit on my toilet, relax my sphincter and not flush to reproduce the piece.
lol @ fashion right now. I am actually glad it is so trash, I can save all my money now. Like these pics say it all. But I guess the only thing you size 36 american fatboys can fit into is sweats.
Size 50 Condition: Great condition. * My prescription is in, can easily be taken out. Amazing simple clean black everyday frames. These were extremely popular and sold out when they first came out and was continued for a period of time after NdG went defunct due to the success and popularity of the frame.
Size 44 (44-46) 100% Cotton Condition: Worn lightly, but still great condition. Gellers classic zip blazer in a cotton (canvas like). Really good structure, the collar stays up naturally and looks very sharp. Goes with jeans, lounge pants, formal/casual etc.
No he doesnt. At 5'8 125 he is fine. Americans are just so used to seeing fat pieces of shit around them (themselves, their family, friends) they think that is the way everyone should be and actually strive for it. Stockholm syndrome and obesity is your captor.Person A: Sacrifices on optimal food choices for something that makes him happy (new leather jacket).Reaction: You're living your life wrong!Person B: Sacrifices on optimal food choices (cripply student loans) to get...
fucking what the fuck, im signed up for the email and they didnt send me - up to 60% - up to 50% - salealso no east dane markdowns?
thousand dollar UGGS. lol @ adicannohypebeast
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