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I think it looks pretty damn bad. 1. Jacket is too short 2. High button stance 3. Pants seem long in the rise. I think trousers look best hugging your nutsack. The long crotch and high button stance look really odd. I think suits are all about proportion. When you tinker with the length it messes with the button stance, with the rise of the trousers, with the shirt visibility, exposing side/back pockets, hip/shoulder ratio. A suit jacket that ends in the middle of your...
Do you not know what regular means? At 5'4 118 his regular size will be XS. There, done.
I cant tell if youre being sarcastic or not but its actually great advice. Seriously. And you don't even have to send me 50 bucks.0/10 (do people still do this?)
lol the average IQ of someone who orders a TOJ jacket must be like 65. Measurements are 90% obsolete. Generally anecdotal sizing info/advice is completely unreliable. Even an inch in body length can make a critical difference. For example an extra inch can make sitting down in a leather extremely comfortable and puff out the entire torso (this is why Rick jackets suck ass btw, im 5'11, wear a size small and have this issue). 1. Fact: Most people lie about their height,...
dont worry, row # wont matter if Drew never reads the spreadsheet ; - )
the boot tuck is not working
I think, for me, the difference between that MMM and TB is that TB sort of goes all out. Red/white/blue grosgrain, extreme cropped lengths, those schoolboyish brogues, fun prints/checks/patterns. The MMM suit is just the classic conservative navy, where the short length is the unfortunate focus and really quite jarring.
yes the, like, 111th and 112th weeks will definitely be the catalyst here. lol. you guys can keep making imaginary meaningless deadlines all you want. the fact is drew doesnt give a fuck about your deadlines, or you, or the money he took from you.
What? no. The shoulder and waist look pretty much perfect.- The TB outfits "work" better because of the high rise trousers and the short inseams and short sleeve lengths. The look is on purpose, and anyone with half a brain can tell. The MMM suit leans towards "this is the same suit I wore when I was 14" rather than "fashion suit"
I still prefer classic tailoring over the fashion suiting. Im imagining that from the back the jacket ends right in the middle of your asscheek which seems very unflattering.
New Posts  All Forums: