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I think, for me, the difference between that MMM and TB is that TB sort of goes all out. Red/white/blue grosgrain, extreme cropped lengths, those schoolboyish brogues, fun prints/checks/patterns. The MMM suit is just the classic conservative navy, where the short length is the unfortunate focus and really quite jarring.
yes the, like, 111th and 112th weeks will definitely be the catalyst here. lol. you guys can keep making imaginary meaningless deadlines all you want. the fact is drew doesnt give a fuck about your deadlines, or you, or the money he took from you.
What? no. The shoulder and waist look pretty much perfect.- The TB outfits "work" better because of the high rise trousers and the short inseams and short sleeve lengths. The look is on purpose, and anyone with half a brain can tell. The MMM suit leans towards "this is the same suit I wore when I was 14" rather than "fashion suit"
I still prefer classic tailoring over the fashion suiting. Im imagining that from the back the jacket ends right in the middle of your asscheek which seems very unflattering.
the womenswear is amazing, but they have so many more options at every price level. Whereas SLP mens I feel like is the only menswear collection I look forward to. (though I dont really keep up with fashion that much, just going off of what I see on LVR/ssense/whatever)
I know its a matter of personal taste, but that short blazer makes me want to vomit
Retail $550-$600 Size IV (44-46) Excellent, could pass for brand new condition. Beautiful, beautiful shirt. Fabric is among the nicest I have ever seen. The colour is stunning and rich without being garish. Mix of blacks, dark greys, earth tones. Its just a tad tight on me and I cant stand the slight pulling in the chest area. Nice collar structure, big iridescent MOP buttons. Shoulder: 16" Chest: 18.5" Back length excluding collar: 27" Sleeve Length: 25.75"
if you judge people on how "well" they dress or the amount of h&m they have on them and let it affect your interactions with them, you are a stupid stupid person
they kinda look like visvim virgils.
Im sure it says plenty. Fortunately, we are on an internet forum and I dont really care about the "strength" of my arguments. I just wanted to let you know you're an idiot.TOJ People: Youre not special. You had 180 days, you didnt use them. Paypal doesnt owe you shit. Dont clog up their phone lines for people who have legitimate problems to resolve.Silver lining: You may be out a lot of money, but you wont be seen in an ugly ass TOJ jacket.
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