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Iconic Jil Sander Marble Print Bomber Size 48 Style doesn't mesh well with the whole jil/raf thing unfortunately. As rare as it gets. Details: Fit TTS, but not a form fitting piece by any means. Could work for 46-50 depending on preferred fit. 2 regular side pockets, additional 2 concealed outer pockets. 1 Zipped inner chest pocket Interesting seam work, seams are on outer sleeve instead of the usual inner Aforementioned concealed pockets hidden along seam work Darts on...
Nom de Guerre Utility Belt Heavy military canvas Double pronged belt Leather attachment with keyring Comes with NdG Tag Condition: Worn on and off for about a year, light pulling of canvas around keyholes. Overall great condition, pretty heavy duty belt. Longest hole: 90cm Middle hole: 85cm Shortest hole: 80cm
Great buys, the blue on those jeans looks perfect. Sharp boots too.
I love GBV shirt patterns/fabrics but it fits like horrible shit (for lack of a better term). I fit most brands really well in general, 5'11 160ish. Usually a S/46 and a 15-15.5 neck size, nothing is too long or too short on me etc. But the fit of the GBV shirts are horrible and just about every online shop confirms this. My observations on a size small: Collar on a S is literally like 14.5" and sits extremely weird and high on the neck Low armholes Super short sleeves...
Balmain Homme "Teddy" Varsity Jacket Designed by Christophe Decarnin for A/W 2010 campaign Colour: Regular crayon red, a bit darker than shown in photographs. Size: 48 (True to size, slim fit as usual with Balmain, refer to measurements for further info) Condition: Pre-owned, with signs of wear. Small nicks in leather sleeves, small barely visible stains on back. Would look close to new with a dry-cleaning. Overall good, the leather and wool body quality are second to...
People like to validate their purchases of expensive items. "Im paying for the extra quality". In the end people buy what they think looks cool and tell themselves the appropriate lies to make themselves feel better. 100% agree with what you said. Quality means very little to me past a certain point. If I can wear it sitting on my ass most of the day and it doesnt fall apart its good enough for me. I have pieces that cost thousands that I will wear 1-2 times the entire...
Givenchy shoes are better suited to Foot Locker. And I love Margiela sneakers, but the uninspiring design wouldnt be out of place at Nordstrom.
You sound like a fucking insufferable asshole and this post did nothing to deter me from oki-ni only to disregard any and all of your posts across all forums. ps. PAY ME MY 40GBP DONT WASTE MY TIME!!!!!!!!!!!
That TOJ jacket looks like a tarantula head.
dried dates
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