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Dude, there was absolutely 0 sarcasm in that post, nor is there in this one. I have a leather jacket that weighs like 8 lbs that can stand by itself. And I love it. Im a fan of both.And thick always = uncomfortable (in comparison, atleast to thinner varieties). The weight alone makes it so. Hard to bend arms, hard to zip up, hard to reach down to tie your shoes etc.
1. The sheen. Its a black jacket but it really stands out. It almost glows, you can tell its an expensive leather.2. Really soft and comfortable, the jacket when worn feels almost weightless. I know its fun to buy a leather jacket that is extremely thick and uncomfortable, but a thinner, comfortable leather usually gets way more wear and consequentially adds a significant value factor.http://www.selectism.com/2011/03/09/band-of-outsiders-bomber-jacket/#slide-4I was...
im biased but I think BoO made the best a2 bomber ive seen. All of their leather jackets, actually, are perfect for that aesthetic.Pretty much this. The fit is kinda square, though still really slim. The arms a bit loose then taper quite a bit towards the wrist. An extremely wearable and still beautiful piece. The leather is remarkable (mine is from aw or ss13) looks like, well, a $5000 leather jacket. Extremely soft, scintillating sheen, thinner and very light. I know we...
youre a lazy stupid arrogant kid. this is the slp thread. go start an april77 thread and whine over there.
Any of the 3 colours. F/W 09. Size small or medium only please
Word of caution: you should avoid buying through a proxy to import from Japan if you have any questions at all about authenticity, I believe you forgo some/all of your buyer protection (assuming you used paypal). It would be an extremely uncomfortable/sticky situation at best dealing with trying to procure a refund through a proxy from some person in Japan.And btw - both pairs from yahoo.jp linked above are atrocious fakes.Its extremely easy to tell from the pictures, like...
Lol, wow. Is that we're calling that jacket? Deceptive simplicity? Even Don Draper would be impressed.These are my 2 current favourite leather jackets for some perspective:
Suit yourself dude. I just wanted to give you an honest opinion, in the same way I would tell a friend his breath stinks and offer him a piece of gum.
Can it even seriously be considered a jacket? It looks like a makeshift garment a kid who ran away from his parents to live in forest would make out of a deer he trapped and killed.In all seriousness:- The jacket in general lacks finishing touches, it looks like a work in progress rather than finished product- The high collar is atrocious, the only person who ever looked good in that style is dracula. This issue is exacerbated by the fact (sorry) the guy taking the picture...
This is my good deed for the day, you need to hear this from somebody.You look like a clown. That style doesn't suit you, at all. If you go out in public like that, know that it is doing bad things for your life.
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