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Ive owned one before in a S, and it was TTS (typical slim rick fit) for what its worth.
all you really need is a shirt, pants, shoes. spend the rest on drugs so you dont grow up to be a boring adult who browses styleforum
rick leathers can fit weird as fuck. I just got a bomber recently and I love it, but I couldve fit the arms/shoulders/chest of a size 50 and im normally a 46 across the board.Some of them are cut for literal rectangle body types (narrow shoulders, super slim arms) which is weird considering Rick's stature...
The Kooples is like H&M with a bigger budget. Fits nice, looks nice, quality can be a bit underwhelming and feels very trendy.
Amazing TB blazer from ss14. Made in Japan. Retailed ~$1800. Brand new with tags. Fits really really small. 46 fits best, maybe a very slim 48.
looks really good SVB
dont know about cleaning/protection but that SLP jacket is fucking beautiful
WTB: RLBL Anthony suits/blazers. Already have a navy and charcoal. Want a couple more. Navy pinstripe, light grey, black etc. PM me! thanks
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