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SSENSE sure isnt having an amazing sale. Feels like 80% of it is just older season stuff.
1. Super low rise2. Super small and spaced out back pockets meant for a woman's butt3. Other stuffdont do it.
Wow, that would really annoy me. I feel guilty if I dont ship a 50 dollar used t shirt in atleast some tissue. And FarFetch is responsible, if they dont set standards for their boutiques they represent it reflects on them.My experience with them: never bought anything, the prices across the board are the highest I ever see online period . The duties thing cant be blamed cuz LVR does the same thing yet its way WAY cheaper. Cherry on top is the fucking terrible photo/fit... Roden Gray. Lots of Thom Browne, nonnative, cool socks
Lol, dont "clarify" things when you dont know what youre talking about.I accessed the private sale and I have never purchased anything from FF before or got any email regarding it sucks for Canadians cuz of the high duties. Not bad for US folk though
LNCC has up to 30 off right nowLNCCSUMMER30
Sustainable? Truthfully no one gives a fuck about that. I mean we are destroying the planet we live on, nothing is safe. Greed. Oh well, not our problem, we will all be dead before shit really hits the fan.
Blackmeans looks great, classic designs in great leathers/treatments and the patterns are all solid. Its a Japanese brand so makes sense that its short + slim.
Some beautiful pieces. Damn the guy is putting out swollen up fat man sized Converse and ugly ass adidas shell toes now. Shame.
Fuck both fedex and UPS. If I see an online store will only ship using their services I will never visit their shop again. They are only marginally safer than the country/gvt post but cost the customers up to 40% of the total cost.
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