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Ok big timer.
Yes I do. $4 delivery fee, then I tip the driver a whole nother whopping $4 on like a $20 order. I couldnt live my life like you do, nickel and diming everywhere I go trying to get the absolute lowest price for everything. Its sad and pathetic.
No, youre just cheap. It costs like 8 bucks to have a pizza delivered from a couple blocks over and you cheapskates expect huge packages to go hundreds of miles for like 10 bucks? Get real
I swear every single online shop carries the brand AMI now, I have no idea why. Looks like an overpriced J crew.
SSENSE sure isnt having an amazing sale. Feels like 80% of it is just older season stuff.
1. Super low rise2. Super small and spaced out back pockets meant for a woman's butt3. Other stuffdont do it.
Wow, that would really annoy me. I feel guilty if I dont ship a 50 dollar used t shirt in atleast some tissue. And FarFetch is responsible, if they dont set standards for their boutiques they represent it reflects on them.My experience with them: never bought anything, the prices across the board are the highest I ever see online period . The duties thing cant be blamed cuz LVR does the same thing yet its way WAY cheaper. Cherry on top is the fucking terrible photo/fit...
http://rodengray.com/collections/sale?mc_cid=a28d4a4f2f&mc_eid=5145fda1c2 Roden Gray. Lots of Thom Browne, nonnative, cool socks
Lol, dont "clarify" things when you dont know what youre talking about.I accessed the private sale and I have never purchased anything from FF before or got any email regarding ithttp://www.farfetch.com/ca/shopping/private-sale/men/items.aspxsale sucks for Canadians cuz of the high duties. Not bad for US folk though
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