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Not in my experience, ive always been TTS in CP. Im a 43/US10 most of the time, have the balenciaga high tops in 42, and probably could've comfortably taken a 41.5.Those Yeezys are bearable but they would probably only be wearable with like a sweatpants/relaxed look. And even in that case id rather buy the Margielas that he not-so-subtly ripped off and save 500 bucks on top of that. And not to mention, save the embarassment of having the same shoes as a Chicago Bulls...
I don't own any boutiques so take this with a grain of salt, but im pretty sure the number is much much higher than 1-5%. And a good portion of people (myself included) couldn't give two shits about good service. For alot of customers online shopping for clothing doesn't even exist as an option
Im going to have to defer to some Fuuma wisdom. You look like you got gangbanged by the Mr Porter monthly newsletter.
TTS (with the usual slim fit, narrow body). Sizing was pretty consistent those years, back when he wasn't producing his Moldovian trash
I don't find black/tailored clothing has any correlation at all with approachability. I honestly don't think Yohji knows what the fuck he is talking about with that quote. If anything black does the opposite, usually brightens up your face/body and leaving the clothing in the background. Think dark movie theatre, all eyes on the screen. Waitstaff, service people, bartenders all spring to mind, all clad in black, all generally very approachable and friendly people. Black in...
You're projecting insecurities about your own gender ambiguity on us. No one said anything about gender. Men in skirts are look bad because they look bad. Has nothing to do with gender norms or whatever.Lol, amazing. thanks.edit: another great one:warlocks in skirts think of some crazy shit.
Well, if you consider someone with an Instagram who wears alot of black and dresses like shit a creative professional then yeah.There's a large amount of lookbook/tumblr kids struggling to form barely coherent sentences on SZ, doubt they're in a profession of anything. Some of my favourite excerpts:
Lol, dude. You can't honestly think that? SZ is the biggest label whore forum on the entire internet. It embodies consumerism. Considering its purported ethos, it is the paragon of hypocrisy.I literally got banned for saying something negative about a pair of CCP shoes. Which is just, well, lol. The forum is comprised of high school kids running amok with their parents AMEX, and mid life crisis IT guys taking turns jerking each other off looking at men wearing dresses with...
BBS S/S 13 Gloved Denim Jacket with Veg tanned Horse Leather Sleeves Size: M (46 or very slim 48) Note: Has been professionally shortened, was super long before. I am 5'11 and the length is great on me. Refer to measurements for more detail. Measurements: Shoulder: 16" Chest: 18" Front length: 24.5" Back length: 23" Sleeve length (straight across): 25" Sleeve length (Along curve): 27"
Guy in CCP suit looks terrible. Pants too skinny, horrid stacking, ugly ass shoes, single button, unbuttoned shirt. Yes I know its all intended and made by CCP but looks terribleProrsum jacket is 1-2 sizes too big. The unorthodox design + poor fit makes it look like a Goodwill bargain bin find. Doesn't mesh well with the super refined/tailored SLP aesthetic. Also jeans are too loose. Second pic all I have to say is that sweater makes you look like an uncircumsized penis.
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