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I mean... dude is pretty much wearing all John Elliott minus the branding. So pretty true to SF aesthetic.
Could be just good ol lack of sales. I had never heard of them until their closing sale and I am a pretty frequent online shopper
Those jeans are way too Obama-throwing-the-first-pitch. And the hoodie is too JE/FoG/whatever hypebeast brand makes those these days. CP's look good.
So according to SSense one of their models has a 32" chest and 26.5" waist and yet he wears a 48. Its not even an isolated incident, all of their models have fucked up measurements. It actually boggles my mind, why blatantly lie? My waist measures 32" and I wear 28/29. Yet Mr. 26.5" waist wears a size 32, lol. So dumb might as well not have measurements.
Ok big timer.
Yes I do. $4 delivery fee, then I tip the driver a whole nother whopping $4 on like a $20 order. I couldnt live my life like you do, nickel and diming everywhere I go trying to get the absolute lowest price for everything. Its sad and pathetic.
No, youre just cheap. It costs like 8 bucks to have a pizza delivered from a couple blocks over and you cheapskates expect huge packages to go hundreds of miles for like 10 bucks? Get real
I swear every single online shop carries the brand AMI now, I have no idea why. Looks like an overpriced J crew.
SSENSE sure isnt having an amazing sale. Feels like 80% of it is just older season stuff.
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