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Whats the point of quoting and replying to me if you completely disregard the main point of my argument to pick out two minor components of my premise out of context?
I don't think you're doing anything wrong necessarily. But all of your fits look bad. You're wearing brands with a very strong aesthetic. Classic case of the clothes wearing you instead of the other way around. Whether you like it or not, everyone has a certain aesthetic/look, that's just the way it is. The aforementioned look is usually derived from a combination of height/weight/ethnicity/posture/bone structure/face structure/body hair/facial hair/aura. Frankly speaking,...
Thanks man, its one of my all time favourite jackets. Decarnin was masterful.Lol I wanted to spare everyone the dirty mirror pic. Ill post some pics later.This thread could benefit from some variety, the fact that 5 zips, TOJ, and Rick's Moldovian trash bags are worshipped is laughable to anyone that knows leather jackets. Style aside, I fully understand the SLP, Balmain, etc aesthetic is not for everyone, the leather/cut/quality in general(some exceptions of course) of...
That jacket is amazing, definitely the best leather ive seen any designer put out in 5+ years.I just picked up a grail of mine recently. Can safely say im done with buying clothes now.(one of the above sentences is a lie )
As someone who has worked in mid-high end retail before the whole "big spenders come in with a 50k watch bespoke suit, rare animal skin briefcase" thing is a little misguided. There are alot of people who spend alot of money coming in in gym clothes, or old jeans and t shirt. And SA's hooked up on commission are not oblivious to this. I find as I have gotten older, and the more money I have spent on my wardrobe, the shitter I dress day-to-day. As I type this, while...
^ ditto. I am 5'11 and the stuff is too short on me. tall and lanky is the opposite of the ervell consumer I think. Whenever I think ervell I just see mellowfellow in my head.
Not in my experience, ive always been TTS in CP. Im a 43/US10 most of the time, have the balenciaga high tops in 42, and probably could've comfortably taken a 41.5.Those Yeezys are bearable but they would probably only be wearable with like a sweatpants/relaxed look. And even in that case id rather buy the Margielas that he not-so-subtly ripped off and save 500 bucks on top of that. And not to mention, save the embarassment of having the same shoes as a Chicago Bulls...
I don't own any boutiques so take this with a grain of salt, but im pretty sure the number is much much higher than 1-5%. And a good portion of people (myself included) couldn't give two shits about good service. For alot of customers online shopping for clothing doesn't even exist as an option
Im going to have to defer to some Fuuma wisdom. You look like you got gangbanged by the Mr Porter monthly newsletter.
TTS (with the usual slim fit, narrow body). Sizing was pretty consistent those years, back when he wasn't producing his Moldovian trash
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