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Lol, wow. Is that we're calling that jacket? Deceptive simplicity? Even Don Draper would be impressed.These are my 2 current favourite leather jackets for some perspective:
Suit yourself dude. I just wanted to give you an honest opinion, in the same way I would tell a friend his breath stinks and offer him a piece of gum.
Can it even seriously be considered a jacket? It looks like a makeshift garment a kid who ran away from his parents to live in forest would make out of a deer he trapped and killed.In all seriousness:- The jacket in general lacks finishing touches, it looks like a work in progress rather than finished product- The high collar is atrocious, the only person who ever looked good in that style is dracula. This issue is exacerbated by the fact (sorry) the guy taking the picture...
This is my good deed for the day, you need to hear this from somebody.You look like a clown. That style doesn't suit you, at all. If you go out in public like that, know that it is doing bad things for your life.
Prudy those harness Santiags look amazing, wasn't sold on the plain suede versions but the black leather + harness/chain/buckle details definitely do it for me. I really can't remember a designer that did a great black boot that weren't combats or chelsea that were this good...
Reasons for the decline of SZ: - SZ was too cool for its own good. A couple of years back it was widely seen as "fashion-forward" or rebellious, or avant garde. And naturally the most boring/socially awkward/nerdiest/people gravitated to clothing they think can compensate for their deficiencies. - Faust cant handle the responsibility of being a moderator - SZ is like Rick/CCP land in the worst way. Everytime something CCP was posted in the classifieds, like clockwork some...
be careful ordering from Spence, I got hit with literally over 35% of the purchase price in duties courtesy of cheap UPS shipping.
You guys are ignoring the really simple, obvious truth. It fits fine. Its just an ugly jacket. Synthese looked great in it because he usually looks great and the jacket just happened to be there, on him. If you like the baseball jacket style, Band of Outsiders makes great ones with really nice fabrics and colour palettes. The grey and beige suede used on the TOJ's are bland, dreary, and depressing. It looks like a jacket Winston Smith would wear in 1984.
You should hold off on the snarky comments unless you can fully comprehend the subject matter.I just find it funny that SF finds a quarter inch in cuff length absolutely erroneous while a dude posts a picture of him in $500 clown pants is applauded. Especially seeing how far it's taste has evolved from the ubiquitous BoO - APC - CP uniform. Different aesthetics aren't relevant.
Uhh dude, did you think about what you just said? You're assuming people who have money don't want more of it? I wish I lived in your world.
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