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agreed. that looks like a fucking suicide bomber vest. definitely wouldnt be wearing that shit these days.also that scarf reminds me of the ones the 9/11 bombers wore in fahrenheit 911 (yes I know its a movie but its based on real life). That outfit is too fashion for me.:
meh strike is no big deal to me. sale season is just about ending, so im all spent out anyways. taking a bit of a break from selling stuff too is fine seeing as the CAD/USD is relatively weak to what its been (1.26ish now compared to a high of 1.45 just a couple of months ago). but must be a real pain to local businesses that ship in large quantities. UPS rates are pretty much 2x CP rates.
jesus christ man, does the "not worth retail" discussion need to happen for the 3 millionth time... Value is subjective. The finest materials? just no The finest design? just... no. Judging design by a fine-finer-finest scale? Lol. Killer description brah You really, honestly think your blog is worth reading?
the shape on CP chelseas are terrible too. Too blocky/chunky. And that terrible styrofoam sole that stains looks disgusting after 1 wear.
Moral of the story, boycott any store that uses Fedex. Ill never buy from anyone/any store that uses fedex even if I was dying and only they could deliver the antidote. fuck them and ups too.
Retail ~$3000 Line 14 Size 44 (44-46) Condition: Lightly worn, but excellent condition. Very minor signs of wear on sleeve cuffs. Small scratch on back, as photographed. Margiela's classic 5 zip. Thick "pelle bovina calf" leather, perfect as an everyday leather jacket. Nice and slim fit in both the body and the sleeves. Nice and chunky gunmetal zips. Measurements: Shoulder: 17" Chest: 19.5" Waist (measured at bottom): 16.5" Sleeve (slightly curved): 24.75" Back length...
I mean... dude is pretty much wearing all John Elliott minus the branding. So pretty true to SF aesthetic.
Could be just good ol lack of sales. I had never heard of them until their closing sale and I am a pretty frequent online shopper
Those jeans are way too Obama-throwing-the-first-pitch. And the hoodie is too JE/FoG/whatever hypebeast brand makes those these days. CP's look good.
So according to SSense one of their models has a 32" chest and 26.5" waist and yet he wears a 48. Its not even an isolated incident, all of their models have fucked up measurements. It actually boggles my mind, why blatantly lie? My waist measures 32" and I wear 28/29. Yet Mr. 26.5" waist wears a size 32, lol. So dumb might as well not have measurements.
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