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I guess we would agree to disagree. I mean its not a groundbreaking fit but looks perfectly executed to me. I've literally never seen someone wear sweats+GAT's better than SVB did. And this is completely disregarding the veteran member/high poster stuff.
You're definitely missing something. Its a perfect look in that relaxed, casual menswear vein. Everything fits perfect, colours mesh well, complements his skin tone, hair colour etc. Looks really stylish and well put together. There's no dumpster fire of random designers though, if that's what you normally look for.
Dude, you posted 4 times last page and 4 times your post referenced TOJ. The frequency and earnesty that it is mentioned with in this thread is seriously fucking embarassing and detracts from quality of this thread and the forum as a whole.
Dude, seriously dont buy a TOJ. I have seen the the jackets in person and they look like shit. Everyone who preaches TOJ here (sinnedk, Uncontrol) would let Drew shit in their mouth if he told them to. The leather is unremarkable and the cuts horrible (internet MTM will never work). Go buy a jacket that a real professional designed and support a legitimate business not some Made in Korea internet scam artist shit.
^ That Burberry prorsum jacket has claimed so many fashion victims its crazy. Although I think its a phenomenal design its quite ostentatious and if you try and incorporate it into a normcore (I hate using this word but its appropriate) fit instead of embracing its identity it will look like a bargain bin Goodwill jacket you pay for by weight. The worst part is when people size up on the jacket to help mitigate the short length by sizing up and fucking up the silhouette...
^ I have the FW10 satin bomber that I absolutely love. The lining even though a pedestrian 100% cotton feels ethereal. The knit cuffs have ripped at the crease and ive vomited on it only about 3 times but I still find myself reaching for it daily. Such an awesome, wearable(alot of designers hardly consider this factor unfortunately) piece.
Whats the point of quoting and replying to me if you completely disregard the main point of my argument to pick out two minor components of my premise out of context?
I don't think you're doing anything wrong necessarily. But all of your fits look bad. You're wearing brands with a very strong aesthetic. Classic case of the clothes wearing you instead of the other way around. Whether you like it or not, everyone has a certain aesthetic/look, that's just the way it is. The aforementioned look is usually derived from a combination of height/weight/ethnicity/posture/bone structure/face structure/body hair/facial hair/aura. Frankly speaking,...
Thanks man, its one of my all time favourite jackets. Decarnin was masterful.Lol I wanted to spare everyone the dirty mirror pic. Ill post some pics later.This thread could benefit from some variety, the fact that 5 zips, TOJ, and Rick's Moldovian trash bags are worshipped is laughable to anyone that knows leather jackets. Style aside, I fully understand the SLP, Balmain, etc aesthetic is not for everyone, the leather/cut/quality in general(some exceptions of course) of...
That jacket is amazing, definitely the best leather ive seen any designer put out in 5+ years.I just picked up a grail of mine recently. Can safely say im done with buying clothes now.(one of the above sentences is a lie )
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