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10% off the original price for each remaining pair (broken photo links = sold pairs)
10% off the original price for each remaining pair! (broken photo links denote pairs already sold)
Take $5 off the price of each--let me know soon if you're interested in any of these because I'm having someone try them on (the 7FAM and Paige, anyway) this weekend!
Only the Marcos are left--10% off the original price!
Quote: Originally Posted by deveandepot1 I should expand on that. Starting this year sellers making more than $20,000 through paypal will be reported to the IRS. The small time sellers and foreigners are still selling great stuff at great prices, but the domestic big time B&S sellers look to have all given up. Edit- Here you go: hmmmm. I guess that doesn't affect me since I don't make...
Hey everyone! I run an online boutique specializing in new and preowned designer denim, so I thought I'd show you some of my items They go roughly in order of size, and if you're looking for something in particular just let me know--I have tons of other items (my ebay ID is bluemingtonboutique if you'd like to browse, or check my sig!) You can rest assured that everything I sell is 1000000% authentic! I am something of an expert in authenticating 7FAM, and I also have...
$5 off each remaining pair (those with broken photo links have been sold!)
Take $5 off the price of each remaining pair (the pairs with broken picture links have been sold)
Out of these, only the Diesel Safados and Shazors and the TR Marcos are still available. Take $5 off the price (possible additional small discount if you pledge to pay within 24 hours of invoicing)
Adding a bunch more for the guys! Men's Seven 7 for All Mankind Standard Straight Leg Jeans MEC 30 x 34 - $79 These men's 7 for All Mankind "Standard" straight legs in Mercer are great all-purpose jeans! Mercer is a clean, dark wash without any distressing, and this pair looks to be in flawless pre-owned condition (I don't know their history, but they may have only been worn once, if at all). They feature a button fly and the full 34" inseam for the tall guys!...
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