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Is it 75% wool 20% mohair 5% cashmere or 100% wool as the tag says?
pmed on c24 and c32
what happened to that fabulous RLPL SC? Guess some lucky guy got it?
Great shirt, great value and a great seller! someone should grab this![SPOILER][/SPOILER]
Got a tie from onix and had a great experience buying from him! Very responsive and ready to help. Now, just got to wait for my tie to arrive!!!
Let me know if somehow the Kilgour grey coat doesn't get sold!
PM sent!
Hi, Just wanted to double check - with respect to the Isaia, are the measurements for the waist (and chest) right? Seems weird that the waist and chest measurements are the same!
Quote: Originally Posted by stylomilo Always start with a basic cloth when using a tailor for the first time. If things work out between you & the tailor , you can move on to better quality fabrics. A tailor may be famous or well thought off but his house style or cut may not be to your liking or preference. Thanks for the advice! But just curious - assuming it is not my first time with the tailor, what do you think of the $370 difference...
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria This thread is prompted by the following post today: In my case, it hasn't so far since I started using my tailor before fora time. But, if Ambrosi or Mina from NsM ever to Boston, I will because I learned about them mostly or entirely from the webz and they would replace RTW from Louis. - B Well, as the poster of that post, I would have to say the forum commentary definitely affected my...
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