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I overestimated when everyone said to size up. I should've bought the size that I usually buy, these are about one size too big for me. https://www.weargustin.com/store/43
The difference is that the Ashby comes in lettered sizing vs. the Bedale. That said, from my experience, the cut is different between the two so comparing measurements doesn't work particularly well… example being that I size go a size down for Barbour's traditional wax jackets, but TTS seems to fit me best for the Ashby (even though the chest sizes between the two don't correspond, if that makes sense).
I have both a sage and sykoil beaufort. The non-classic one has a very strong green color. When you first get it, it almost looks black and is very slick and shiny, but when the wax breaks in, it gives way to a very rich green color and over time becomes something similar to an old army field jacket. I like it, but it's a little more formal looking than the olive one. I wouldn't say that it doesn't age well, it ages differently and fades into more of a muddy green that...
Size 36 Barbour Beaufort in sage purchased new this past December that does not fit me as well as I'd like for a jacket that cost $400. I will include the tags and pin if buyer so desires. Essentially new condition. No tears or rips or other signs of wear. $265 shipped to continental USA
I bought a brand new Barbour Beaufort sz 36 last December and it is a tad large for me. Does anyone have a size 34 Beaufort in sage or olive that they want to trade for a size up?
I bought this about a month ago from Bloomingdales thinking that it would fit. It does, but for a jacket that I dumped almost $400 on, I'd like for it to fit better. So I'm selling this one and sizing down. It's only a month old and still in essentially new condition. I still have the tags and the Barbour pin that came with the jacket.
it doesn't look too large at the bottom. I think the fit looks good, if anywhere looks too big it would be the shoulders. I think that most people can probably fit into multiple barbour sizes with how they're cut. My bedale is a 38 which is a size up from my typical jacket size but fits fine in the shoulders, arms length and takes a size small polarquilt liner well. If yours is a 36 I'd try small or xsmall
I just picked up a Bedale in size 38 yesterday. After trying it on, I felt like I could've probably fit in any size between 34 and 38 depending on how I wanted it to fit. I picked up the 38 so I could wear both a sweater and the liner in it if needed be. Also, while it is certainly a generous fit and is very roomy, it's not quite oversized enough to make me look as if I'm a child wearing my dad's old jacket. I'm normally a 36s (5'9, 150 lbs). A few questions though, how...
I took a bit of a risk buying blind on a J. Crew ludlow jacket since I had the matching pants. Came in the mail today, actually surprised at how well it fits OTR. I hear about how all over the place J. Crew's sizes are, but I thought htis one was pretty true to size. Though it is definitely slim fitting, it will give me good motivation to stay in shape. Thoughts on fit?
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