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berlin, thats the best fit i've seen on here in a while. the best part is that i'm not quite sure why i like it so much
charly youre a beast. awesome news.
wow, this shit is fucking sad pathetic. what the fuck happened to Drew Keith.. i'm so glad i sold my spot and got myself out of this mess before it was too late.
ahhhh thank you so much @flowcharts
[[SPOILER]] this Ekam jacket is fucking perfect, does anybody know where i could find something similar?
NN, what you're wearing in the fitpic shot is easily one of my favorite fits from you. that shirt is awesome.
@slack tide?
IRO is awesome. i own a bunch of their stuff, that jacket is super nice.
looking to trade/sell my CWU45 in black lamb. stock 44 sizing. open to all pretty much all trades.
looks like one of the security tags that get removed with a high powered magnet.
New Posts  All Forums: