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this is going to turn into a nightmare if drew doesnt handle this soon. all the people who bought spots are going to end up charging them back or filing disputes and its gonna turn into a huge confusing mess.
to be 100% honest. i still have complete faith in Drew and TOJ to deliver. if i wasn't literally forced to sell my spot for the funds because of personal issues, i would still be holding on to the end.
Drew also told me that he could refund me in leather sofas and entrees from his restaurant.
i'm not sure, the email was signed by Drew Keith himself and included a couple winky faces at the end.
if anybody is wondering why i stuck up for TOJ so much, but still recently sold my spot. i inquired about when i would receive my jacket and i got an email back from the TOJ address thanking me for always being such a loyal customer, but was then given "advice" to sell my spot now because of a setback causing an indeterminable delivery date.
just spent half of my morning searching iOffer for fake 5-zips and imitation julius leathers. i found it hilarious that one of the listings is using this dudes photos. anybody remember what this members name was? i remember he had a bunch of fake Julius leathers that he ordered MTM from india or some shit. http://www.ioffer.com/i/julius-high-neck-lambskin-leather-jacket-534273779
holy shit i totally forgot about the dayton thread.
still waiting on a response from Charly, but has anybody who has bought, or sold a spot, inquired about splitting up the amount into 2 jackets? like if i sold my spot thats worth $870, could it be split into a MA1 and a TOJ0?
i'm super bummed that i have to let it go, but life sucks and sometimes i have to be a responsible adult. if anybody is interested please PM me. i need it gone within 24 hours, so i'm open to offers.
selling my spot in the TOJ order queue. original order date was 11-05-13, so you should receive the jacket before the end of 2014 or possibly mid to end of january according to Charly. i paid for a BCDR in oxblood calf with bemberg upgrade and silver zips, so the order is good for $870 and can be switched to ANY leather choice or style. i need this gone within the next day or so, which is why i'm offering some money off. i am also open to additional offers, obviously no...
New Posts  All Forums: