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it sucks to read the write up brad-t did about the Uncontrol rider, then relate it to the state that TOJ has fell into today.
so my NYC trip was successful. i stumbled upon Uniqlo and spent the majority of my money before i even made it to the rest of the shops i had intended to visit. ended the night at Totto Ramen, thank you @willy cheesesteak for the recs.
lol @ this. i havent posted in here for a while now. i just deal with shit. i've posted on this forum along with Drew for a good portion of my life. you kind of get a sense of character about certain members, especially somebody who opens up pretty much his whole life to us, like Drew. maybe i'm wrong for not giving a shit about my jacket taking forever. obviously Drew isn't infallible, but if he says that they're making progress, then i'll give him the benefit of the...
fuck yea, thanks so much @willy cheesesteak. any chance you're rocking flyknits today? I coulda sworn that I saw you earlier. it's not like I can't think of anything to do, I would rather take recommendations from a local instead of wasting time aimlessly wandering the city by myself.
I'm in NYC all day today. I'll be wandering the city by myself it anybody wants to meet up or show me around. I haven't been here in a while and don't have the slightest clue what to do while my girlfriend attends a gift show for the majority of the day.
i'll pay significantly more than asking price! paypal ready!
i'll see you fuckers there.
I'm in the Boston area.. i'd be down for meet ups.
next time go for the "banded" hem scoop necks.
nope, made purely of cow flesh, sinew and muscle. wear inside out for sick blood fades.
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