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@slack tide?
IRO is awesome. i own a bunch of their stuff, that jacket is super nice.
looking to trade/sell my CWU45 in black lamb. stock 44 sizing. open to all pretty much all trades.
looks like one of the security tags that get removed with a high powered magnet.
western mass bitches. benes you ain't too far from me. i think your fits could benefit from simple preparations before actually snapping the photo, such as; pulling your pant legs down so that they stack or fall better on your shoes, set the camera up just a wee bit higher than where its at now, pull inner layers down so they fall less awkwardly, maybe stand a little side-ways, so that the photo isn't as straight-on, put your feet closer together, stand up straight with...
devops it is! haha.i suspect youre right on point with that assessment. i think, if anything, dressing in SWD is actually one of the main reasons why i'm doing so well with sales. people notice that i'm an actual human and that i'm not allowing my personal tastes/interests be drowned out in fear of standing out amongst my co-workers.
referring to me, SVB? if so, i'm in western MA. a small city in the heart of the "beautiful" Berkshire's. blahhhhhhhhhhhh
i love these conversations. i'm in uniqlo oxfords/hidden placket BD's with slim wool pants and side zips/service boots 5+ days a week, with the occasional leather jacket or chunky cardigan. i was told that the way i dress intimidates customers and that i should be dressing like a professional or for the career that i want, not like i'm about to walk the runway. (exact words from my GM)i sell cars for a living lol. it's actually a pretty awesome gig. not something i could...
mikey those pants fit great compared to some of your other recents.
this dude is a douche. he did the same to me.
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