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@aeglus, the jeans don't really suit the rest of the outfit.
i need a pair of darts! benes, i think this is one of the best you have posted.
has anybody had luck winning a lost in mail dispute with PayPal as a seller? i sold a pair of pants on Grailed, shippe the item internationally. they attempted delivery multiple times, i told the buyer that the package was at his local post office waiting for him to claim it. he took too long to pick it up, so it was sent back to me. however, the package was lost on the way back to me. I have proof of shipping (receipts and customs form), but now all of a sudden the...
lol. do people really fake Diesel? of all brands?
FTFY, @Heymanniceshot.
@derrida26, I really like this! simple and well excuted.
the cuffs on the jeans definitely throw off the fit a bit. not a big fan of the graphic tee either
what model LVCs are those? they look good with the gats.
i started as a salesman then was promoted to floor manager/closer, which is pretty much still a salesman, but on top of that i was the guy that came in to close a deal if a colleague was having issues. so yes pretty much i was the douche that comes over when you wont agree to buy a car to pressure you some more.
i just recently quit my job of 6 years (salesman/floor manager/closer at a car dealership) and will start a new job next week working for Etsy. for the first time in my life i have a job that doesnt require a specific dress code! it feels great that i can submerge myself in jawns again and not worry about my manager asking me to go home and change because "i'm dressed too intimidating for customers." 0/10 i haven't been active much lately, but it's good to see a lot of...
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