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yes! I have a few pairs of boccacini's now. they are awesome and relatively cheap on yoox.
toj uniqlo Levi's boccacini
i love how most pairs of MMM GATs look even better as they age. mine are going on 6 years old and are still solid. very clean fit les.
it's True Religion. (0)
i feel like some people should stop comparing Falcon with TOJ and asking for things the TOJ's had, but Falcon doesnt. just let them do their thing and become their own entity.
havent posted a non iphone fit pic in a while!
if you get the nicer lenses with the Warby Parkers then they actually end up being relatively good quality. i just got a pair that came with clip-on sunglasses and they are actually pretty awesome.
here's a better photo. disregard the shitty outfit.
no not at all. the oxblood calf i have keeps the jacket looking sharp, in the sense of keeping its shapes and lines. it has softened up a lot since i got it. even though i love the suppleness of the lamb, i dont think i would enjoy it as much as my calf
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