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just spent half of my morning searching iOffer for fake 5-zips and imitation julius leathers. i found it hilarious that one of the listings is using this dudes photos. anybody remember what this members name was? i remember he had a bunch of fake Julius leathers that he ordered MTM from india or some shit. http://www.ioffer.com/i/julius-high-neck-lambskin-leather-jacket-534273779
holy shit i totally forgot about the dayton thread.
still waiting on a response from Charly, but has anybody who has bought, or sold a spot, inquired about splitting up the amount into 2 jackets? like if i sold my spot thats worth $870, could it be split into a MA1 and a TOJ0?
i'm super bummed that i have to let it go, but life sucks and sometimes i have to be a responsible adult. if anybody is interested please PM me. i need it gone within 24 hours, so i'm open to offers.
selling my spot in the TOJ order queue. original order date was 11-05-13, so you should receive the jacket before the end of 2014 or possibly mid to end of january according to Charly. i paid for a BCDR in oxblood calf with bemberg upgrade and silver zips, so the order is good for $870 and can be switched to ANY leather choice or style. i need this gone within the next day or so, which is why i'm offering some money off. i am also open to additional offers, obviously no...
i'm interested in selling my spot. it can be switched to any leather or style. order date was 11-05-13 $870 was the full cost. $850 is what i'll let it go for. may take other offers depending.
i'm interested in selling my spot. can be switched to any leather and any make-up. order date was 11-05-13 $870 was the full cost. $850 is what i'll let it go for.
holy shit, i can't believe somebody else has these WWM wool/denim. i've been wearing these a few times a week for the last 3 years. such an awesomely underrated item. definitely contentedness thread worthy.
i really wish i went through with it.
they are. thanks for the input though.
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