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i'll see you fuckers there.
I'm in the Boston area.. i'd be down for meet ups.
next time go for the "banded" hem scoop necks.
nope, made purely of cow flesh, sinew and muscle. wear inside out for sick blood fades.
RTC, the whole outfit looks awful. the pieces themselves could look good in the right context, but right now the way youre wearing everything it looks stuffy and awkward. a relaxed t-shirt, untucked obviously, with jeans with a slimmer top block and some plain white sneakers (ie; common projects, vans achilles/eras, adidas stan smiths) would be a simple, more relaxed and more cohesive look.
we have a bagel place in my small town that was made famous by Regis Philman, the lox and boiled bagels are the best I've ever had. cajun bagels FTW.
ATG, like you said, a better t-shirt could really help this out. look for some cheap u-necks or wide necks. i buy mine from ASOS.
TOJ has offered ivory. magicalporks had one.
hahahaha thats perfect dbear. if everybody just started posting more fit pics and product info to filter out the wait time complaints, then maybe this thread could actually be bearable to read again. i guess my hate towards everybody isnt really helping much either though lol.
my vent about the TOJ newbies was a bit outta hand, it just seems that the members who have been here for years and have literally watched TOJ start from nothing and grow into what it is now, are more forgiving and understanding about the wait time and the state of the operation today. the noobs are just centered on the fact that they paid $800 for a jacket that they should have received sooner. which is totally understandable and not out of line in a sense, theres just a...
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