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why tuck? doesnt look right on us short people.
a little less pliable, but still just as nice. it's also just as heavy, but it seems like it will break-in slower than my calf TOJs. that's not a bad thing at all, it might even be better it terms of longevity. it has an awesome grain texture that i don't remember any of my previous TOJs having. i couldn't be happier to be honest with you. the quality of the threading seems a little bit worse than TOJ, but the fit is better than any other jacket i've ordered.
i would say its closer to a dark red with a lil bit of a plum hue. it definitely is a different shade than the TOJ and i prefer it a lot more. i also really like the double inner zip pockets, especially because they are vertical.
I never imagined that stock sizing would fit me so perfectly! thank you charly and gang. oxblood calf 4 zip size 45.
heres a video part of me from 5+ years ago. i have obviously progressed a lot since then.
i really hope i'm in the next shipment batch! i've been buying clothes to specifically wear with my new jacket. i cant wait to see the oxblood leather!
i'm really not too sure i'm digging the bun much myself. i usually wear it just slicked back, figured i would try it. probably going to shave it all off soon.
beautiful! great job guys.
gyakusou thvm atelier cdg chucks
i should be getting my oxblood calf 4 zip soon! can't wait. went with a stock 45, hoping its a perfect fit.
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