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i really wish i went through with it.
they are. thanks for the input though.
selling these two TOJ's. looking for around $500 each, open to offers as well as trades. http://www.grailed.com/listings/23468-temple-of-jawnz-black-lamb-cwu-45 http://www.grailed.com/listings/23467-temple-of-jawnz-calf-a2-bomber
do a lot of people "fitting room" items on grailed and then just wait for drops or something? i posted a couple things on Grailed that i thought would go quick, however i have literally gotten 15 messages about measurements and condition, responded to all of them and not one person has responded to me. however each item has like 15 "fitting rooms".
it'll be like lane and brad-t part deux.
yea haha i am in pittsfield sadly enough. i'll pm you next time i'm in Noho and maybe we could do a meet up.
what!!! no fucking way man. i've been to that venue plenty of times, it is super close to where i live. thats awesome man. do you live there/around here?
i really like that solar. its a lot more coherent than your last couple. good job.
it sucks to read the write up brad-t did about the Uncontrol rider, then relate it to the state that TOJ has fell into today.
so my NYC trip was successful. i stumbled upon Uniqlo and spent the majority of my money before i even made it to the rest of the shops i had intended to visit. ended the night at Totto Ramen, thank you @willy cheesesteak for the recs.
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