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i dont even know when i ordered and i refuse to look and thats if i even have the email anymore. when i ordered my first TOJ i got it in 24 days, i do miss those days, but the product is still the same. so i'm not really worried about the wait. i can still steeze daily in my other TOJs and will steeze even harder when my BCDR comes. thats all that matters to me.
mistakes obviously happen. especially in such a small operation where everything is hand-made. there has been instances in the past too and that was before the huge order log. they always rectify and usually compensate for it. i wouldnt worry or be anxious about anything. its actually kind of crazy to think that out of the thousands of orders theres only been a few mistakes like that.
i guess we have different outlooks on leather jackets. if i'm spending the money on something like that, i want it to be fashionable. your jacket reminds me of something straight out of macy's, i guess you're right in the sense that i dont know what the quality is like, it could be good quality, but still it looks like something my dad would be wearing. we're comparing apples to oranges. i have no idea about horween chromexcel leather, but i do know your jacket looks awful.
judging by the photos ive seen of your jacket. i doubt that Moo. the leather on your jacket is shiny and cheap looking, which isnt something i could get past, regardless of how the leather feels in real life. drew offers so many different hides, the best being his black lamb, there's no way you could even make a statement like that. fit, leather quality, craftmanship, nothings topping drew's operation at that price. all fanboyism and your personal vendetta, aside.
pants/shoes combo looks awkward. i think it would look better with pants that stack.
there should be a Yoox secret pocket notes finding thread.
b0b has his fit down perfect. all the fits i've seen with his TOJs are spot on. who the fuck cares what facial expressions hes making. thats some bitch shit.
essentially, i just recently traded my black lamb moto, for a black lamb CWU. this will be the third time i swapped around TOJs. first was a winter varsity for an anniversary edition varsity, then my dark grey collared moto for the black lamb moto, now this. i'm excited. i get bored with shit really easily and never keep anything for long, which is kinda bad seeing as in other situations i usually end up with negative equity. i'm hoping this will hold me over until i...
awesome, AFL.
Stock aside from an extra inch on sleeve length. minimal wears. includes shipping and paypal fees. open to trades and offers. size 44 brown calf A2. no longer an offering. completely stock sizing. comes with shearling collar. $450 shipped
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