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awesome fits lately KOY! good to see the forum more active.
ummm? are you saying this is actually you, or just what you're wearing today? if you're gonna use photos from web shops, you could at least re-upload the photo and not use the direct link from the shop.
a better photo of my oxblood calf M1!
falconshirtssecond narrow J-CUTmoma [[SPOILER]]
speaking of 010101010000 boccaccini lol. i bought these ankle boots and am very happy with the quality and shape.
i have 4 pairs of these. i fit 40 MMM's perfectly, but with these the sizing has been all over the place. i'm assuming its the instep like FC said. i have sizes 38.5, 39 and a 40 and they all fit well. i am very happy with them though. they look awesome and the quality is great. especially at the yoox prices.
unfortunately i feel you're going to regret messing with the lengths too much. i took a second look. you really shouldnt go that short on the front length. what is the reasoning for wanting such a cropped look? i'm 5'6" and sometimes i feel like my stock 45 is too short, i really think you're going to regret messing with it.
@masshi you should honestly just save the money and get a stock 45 instead of going MTM. i am 97% sure it will fit you perfect. our measurements are pretty much identical.
the t shirt is super out of place. i feel like something like a white band collar shirt would look good there.
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