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there is a guy on ebay selling persols for dirt cheap, it'll come up in a search.
I think for the sale price $250 it'll do very nicely. some people may not like the white but it looks good imho
www.sidmashburn.com is in Atlanta. store is supposed to be cool, as are his garments. #menswear approved i believe. EDIT - saw this got mentioned!
he survived. fair play.
Brokers Gin - reasonably priced and is well up there with Tanq10, if not better.Get ur misses onto Hendricks with Watermelon, she'll love you even more!
i spat my lunch at this
I copped a couple bits in the sale - that's the only time I would buy from them, unless you're skrilled to the max. I too enjoy the articles. They had a piece on football style that included Bill Shankly. to that.
club works for the square headed crew. great effort.
don't get it
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