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I would just like to say I like the supima tees. in white
I'm fairly certain the second shoe you posted doesn't include the term lhamo in its title. visvim has been known to vary its labeling by region, though. I have that bottom pair btw
my geo patchwork FBTs were made in china. although every JP model uses that sole not every shoe with that sole is a JP model. lhamos only come with the running shoe type sole whereas shaman indicates the existence of the frayed shield which is available on either silhouette and also on the bear foot model
mies coat is so sick
http://www.conceptshop.com.hk/ViewItemDetail.jsp?CID=9&SID=34&Page=7&ID=20166I like these
Visvim and Alden both rock
I fucks with it. what's hood?
'look at that S car go'
I got a 25€ off code
try darkside initiative
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