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Price Drop!
Bought a pair of J. Crew 484 Raw's off deez_nuts here in the BST and they're too small. Brand new with tags and size is 30x32. Looking to sell or trade for some raw denim of a similar fit or same jeans in 32x32. $100 shipped to cont. US.
Just picked up a pair of the Jcrew 484 Raw Selvage for my first pair of selvage denim. Not a top brand, but, oh well. Just seeing if I like selvage. Anyhow, will the inseam on these shits shrink after the first wash?
Thanks, sir. I'll look into these a bit more.
I'd like to buy a cheap (>$150) baseball-style jacket. Any ideas?
I have a reservation at Blue Duck Tavern at the moment. I actually have heard of some stuff on the menu and it doesn't look too bad. Hopefully it's impressive and has a good atmosphere.
Would either of you suggest a different place for a date? We are relatively young (I'm 21, she's 23), so someplace like The Prime Rib looks a little too old man-ish for me. And probably her, as well. But then again, this whole 'quality restaurant' thing is all new to us.
Anyone eaten at Central Michel's? Girlfriend and I are going to DC for a weekend trip and have reservations there. Since we're both in college, we've neither eaten anywhere near this nice, so the whole experience will be different.
Selling this speaker phone I got for Christmas and also never use. Never even been opened. Brand new in packaging. $45 shipped.
Selling this radio I got as a gift and never use. My uncle's a cheap ass and just gave me the radio with no box or anything with it. Works and sounds great, just no use for me. More information can be found about it here: http://www.amazon.com/Traveler-G3-Sh.../dp/B001QTXKEW I'd like $70 shipped.
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