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Ok, so I ordered my first pair of decent jeans (been wearing GAP Selvedge). I got some Naked & Famous Weird Guys in Indigo Selvedge. I got the 34 waist, which fits nicely. I like the fit in the ass and thighs, but not so much the calf and ankle area. I'm a 30" inseam, so I'd have to hem 5-6 inches, and the leg opening is just too big if I have to do that. Can anyone recommend a jean that fits roughly the same as the Weird Guys in the ass and thighs but has a little bit...
Price Drop!
Bought a pair of J. Crew 484 Raw's off deez_nuts here in the BST and they're too small. Brand new with tags and size is 30x32. Looking to sell or trade for some raw denim of a similar fit or same jeans in 32x32. $100 shipped to cont. US.
Just picked up a pair of the Jcrew 484 Raw Selvage for my first pair of selvage denim. Not a top brand, but, oh well. Just seeing if I like selvage. Anyhow, will the inseam on these shits shrink after the first wash?
Thanks, sir. I'll look into these a bit more.
I'd like to buy a cheap (>$150) baseball-style jacket. Any ideas?
I have a reservation at Blue Duck Tavern at the moment. I actually have heard of some stuff on the menu and it doesn't look too bad. Hopefully it's impressive and has a good atmosphere.
Would either of you suggest a different place for a date? We are relatively young (I'm 21, she's 23), so someplace like The Prime Rib looks a little too old man-ish for me. And probably her, as well. But then again, this whole 'quality restaurant' thing is all new to us.
Anyone eaten at Central Michel's? Girlfriend and I are going to DC for a weekend trip and have reservations there. Since we're both in college, we've neither eaten anywhere near this nice, so the whole experience will be different.
Selling this speaker phone I got for Christmas and also never use. Never even been opened. Brand new in packaging. $45 shipped.
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