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PMed you about the CPs a few days ago as well.
Here are my Katahdin boots after about 9 months of wear. Gave it two coats of Obenauf's when I first got them and haven't done anything to them since.
Quote: Originally Posted by socialdtk Price drops all around. I also have a white Gitman OCBD size Medium that I'll sell for $75. 9/10 condition. Any pics of the Gitman, if it's still for sale?
Preferably new/like new, no wash.
WTB N&F Weird Guy Deep Indigo Selvedge size 30, preferably new or close to new.
I received the WG selvedge chinos last week and I'll try to get some fitpics up within the next few days. I'm a 30 in my black selvedge WGs and decided to go with the same size for the chinos. They were really tight to begin with but after three or four days of wear they've almost stretched to a comfortable size around the waist.
I would definitely recommend Blue Owl as well; they just got a fresh shipment of tons of different sizes, and Jay is a great seller!
PMed for the chinos.
Quote: Originally Posted by blazingazn I would say its a good fit. the arms are a bit tight if you have big arms, but otherwise good. I'm 5'8", 165lbs, athletic (fatty at the moment) 18" shoulders, 39" chest, 32" waist. It basically fits perfect. I'm tempted to suppress the waist, but I think I'll pass. Alright thanks, definitely going to have to get me one of these then!
blazingazn, what is your weight/build? I'm looking to kop the Chabanel fleece cardigan but don't have a measuring tape readily available. I'm 5'10" and 160lbs, athletic build. Do you think a medium would be a safe bet? Thanks in advance.
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