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Is the outer layer waterproof?
What season is this from/how long have you had it for?
They are flat because I pushed in the toebox with my hands. Camera is dead ATM, will post when I next get the chance.
Yeah, they definitely got a lot of wear throughout the fall and winter (almost daily).Not the best photo seeing as the bottom is cut off, but you get the idea. Worn with my N&F Weird Guys:
Hey Jay, I remember seeing one of your posts in another thread about this but have been scouring through the N&F thread without any luck. How do the new N&F LHT Weird Guys size compared to normal WGs, say the black selvedge? I wear a 30 in the black selvedge WGs; what would you recommend I go with for the LHTs?
Still looking for N&F Weird Guy Deep Indigo Selvedge size 30, preferably new or close to new.
Quote: Originally Posted by Naturally Baked Looking for some advice: I have weird guy greys in 33..I normally wear a 34. The thigh and waist is really fucking tight and frankly uncomfortable. Will these stretch out enough to a wearable point? I've been wearing them around the house for a few days hoping they'll become wearable The will stretch out quite a bit more; I am normally a 32 but sized down 2 to 30 in my black selvedge Weird Guys...
More pictures/measurements on the duffle coat and EG cardi would be great.
I have the black selvedge WGs and I've been really happy with them, fit is spot on, would highly recommend.
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