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Just bought a softside waterbed. Although I realized I'll be spending less than four hours a day on it, still it's a worthwhile investment.
Just purchased a water bed. Believe me, last night was my best sleep ever.
Your face shape is a bit roundish so you should have a hairstyle that diverts the focus on the round shape of the face. This can be achieved by having short hair on the sides and back that gradually increases in length on the top to create an illusion of a longer face. You should do away with the glasses, it makes you look geeky and boyish.
Got to get my hands on one of those white wool motorcycle jacket with crayola stripes!
Don't take them seriously almost,they're just fooling around. Seriously, why do you want to leave the country? Lucky for you, you are already working in a famous alteration shop- millions of others are not so fortunate. Anyway, with the new administration I'd rather stick around for a year or two and see what Pnoy can do for the country. If nothing changes, then that's the time to look for greener pastures overseas.
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