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My experience has been that it does not really get "darker". It will obviously get dirtier the more you wear it, and it will get certain nicks/scratches that will darken it, and of course using certain products will darken it over time as well, but by itself, my natural welts have remained pretty consistent.
After the longest 10 weeks ever (I can be impatient), here is my latest MTO from Trickers, with a huge thanks to Richard at ShoeHealer! They are a dreamy Blue "Oceano" Shell Cordovan boot, with a perforated cap-toe (no medallion), finished off with red leather interior, black dainite sole, and natural welt. Having missed out on the Viberg navy shell boots a while back, I decided to something similar, but with a little more British flair. The shell is extremely soft and has...
Being in Los Angeles, I hope never to encounter slush & ice (unless its the shaved kind), but my last pair of crepes had the front leather piece fail after a few encounters with rain. Hopefully these will hold up better. I won't give them up though, the Navy CXL, glove lining, and crepe sole make this one of the most comfortable pair of boots I have ever owned.
Latest Alden boot from Leffot - in Navy CXL. Just got these in recently after a 9 month wait (pre-order back in Oct. 2013). The comfort is outstanding, and as long as the crepe sole holds up, I am extremely happy with this pair. Especially love the brass hooks (4) and eyelets (5), along with the natural welt.
Stunning, any chance to know what the makeup is on these? Especially the last (toe looks very low profile), etc. The color combination is perfect as well!
Is anyone else sick and tired of White's rushing through orders and getting boots out in two or three weeks? How am I suppose to break in my last pair, if you keep sending me the next one so fast? But seriously. . .this is the latest: Natural CXL, with Navy CXL accent, dress cap toe, curved heel. Leather is thick, yet fairly soft, and the quality is top notch as usual. Can't believe it was only about 21 days from order till delivery, just wish other companies could learn...
Mine are 11.5D, and as 4characters said, I am looking forward to the fading/patina these will develop. Definitely not going to baby them!
Yeah, it came with two pairs. . .they are the thickest leather boot laces I have ever used, and feel like they will last forever. This was my first White's MTO, and I am already planning my second. Everything on this boot feels like it can outlast me.
Alright, here are the Navy CXL monsters, just in time for Cali summer, haha. But seriously, these are so comfortable, I might actually consider wearing them despite the heat. In my hands exactly 21 days after ordering, pretty remarkable!
Just an FYI: Ordered a custom pair of Semi Dress boots from Baker on April 29th, and it showed up via Fedex this morning. Can't believe it, 3 weeks! Pictures to come. . .
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