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Cant wait to see these. I love me some red dog roughout!
What? That is the coolest thing I have heard! Can we request subtle bite marks on our custom orders? Or maybe paw prints on the insoles? Working dogs are the best dogs.
Thank you! And one last question if I may. . .is the 10EE similar in width to an 11.5D?
Can anyone say if the Vaquero Bullhide is more blueish or more grayish?
Wonder if they would accept vehicle pink slits as payment? At least afterwards you can walk to wherever you need to go in style.
$1400 - I like my shell like I like my meat. . .marbled.
Debating those natural chromepak, but I hate no eyelets. Should be an easy fix though. . .decisions, decisions.
For anyone wondering, I received shipping confirmation for the snuff suede Notre VIbergs using the code. . .not sure why it did not work for some, but it looks to be legit, and not a mistake.
Where is your store located?
Brushing helps. . .other than that not sure. The scuffs / marks are actually why I got my pair of waxy champagne in the first place, I think they look awesome like that.
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