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Debating those natural chromepak, but I hate no eyelets. Should be an easy fix though. . .decisions, decisions.
For anyone wondering, I received shipping confirmation for the snuff suede Notre VIbergs using the code. . .not sure why it did not work for some, but it looks to be legit, and not a mistake.
Where is your store located?
Brushing helps. . .other than that not sure. The scuffs / marks are actually why I got my pair of waxy champagne in the first place, I think they look awesome like that.
Welcome, and really nice pair you got there! Can you let us know what the makeup is? That perforated toe cap looks great.
Are these a new release, or just a one off for someone? They leather looks very interesting.
Not me. . .and what bugs me the most is that I am not sure why. . .something about them just doesn't feel right. Maybe the cap toe, or the blind eyelets, or combination of factors. I might be alone here, but the pictures leave me feeling a little blah.
I have a pair of the Olive Nubuck on their way to me. . .should be here tomorrow I hope. Can't wait! Missed out on them during the first run, but was able to get them this go around. Really unique makeup that should work great with some raw denim.
Last? Pictures? Definitely interested.
Yeah, absolutely. . .exactly what I was looking for. I think I am in the same camp, I would have never considered this last in the past and now I feel like I need to have one.
New Posts  All Forums: