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Is anyone else sick and tired of White's rushing through orders and getting boots out in two or three weeks? How am I suppose to break in my last pair, if you keep sending me the next one so fast? But seriously. . .this is the latest: Natural CXL, with Navy CXL accent, dress cap toe, curved heel. Leather is thick, yet fairly soft, and the quality is top notch as usual. Can't believe it was only about 21 days from order till delivery, just wish other companies could learn...
Mine are 11.5D, and as 4characters said, I am looking forward to the fading/patina these will develop. Definitely not going to baby them!
Yeah, it came with two pairs. . .they are the thickest leather boot laces I have ever used, and feel like they will last forever. This was my first White's MTO, and I am already planning my second. Everything on this boot feels like it can outlast me.
Alright, here are the Navy CXL monsters, just in time for Cali summer, haha. But seriously, these are so comfortable, I might actually consider wearing them despite the heat. In my hands exactly 21 days after ordering, pretty remarkable!
Just an FYI: Ordered a custom pair of Semi Dress boots from Baker on April 29th, and it showed up via Fedex this morning. Can't believe it, 3 weeks! Pictures to come. . .
New soles after wearing through the single leather ones on this pair of Alden navy suede PTB. Have to say that while the look is a little "trendy", the comfort is off the charts for spring/summer.
CLEANING OUT THE CLOSET SALE!! So here is the deal. . .due to the volume of shoes being listed, and my current access to only my iPhone for pics, I am keeping the prices as low as possible to speed up sales. So please keep that in mind. 1. First to pay gets it. 2. Ships only to CONUS. 3. ALL PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING EITHER BY FIRST CLASS OR PRIORITY (my choice). 4. Buy 2 pairs and get 10% off. 5. Buy 3 or more pairs and get 15% off. 6. No measurement questions please...
Does anyone know when the new Wolverine 1000 Mile Boot lineup will be available for sale?
Snuff suede and navy suede saddle on the plaza last from J. Gilbert. I am absolutely loving these!
Just got in my pre-order snuff suede w/navy suede saddle shoes on the Plaza last from J. Gilbert. Can't wait to put them on. . . will have pics tomorrow. The look is fantastic!
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