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You've really gotten much better at patinating Niklas. You should have a workshop here in Gothenburg, where we all could learn how to patinate our shoes
Cityplace this is one of the most beautiful bespoke briefcases i have seen on SF. How mutch did you pay for it?
Is this an old fabric that is OOP, i cant find it on SH site?
TG73 is the most chiseled. I think the fit is the same for all lasts.
Which last are they on?
Is it possible to get the regular craftman with rubber sole, i dont like the innersole in the Comfort craftsman, but would like a rubber sole?
Strange i have two pair and mine is not waxed. But mine is old and i have stripped them many times. But i cant recall them ever being waxed.
The Chelsea 5 is regular calf skin NOT waxed.
I got this mail from Crockett and Jones. "The trees are actual based on our 337 last with the slightly more elongated toe shape and are made by our actual Last makers, so they are a very good fit for our 337,358 and 348 lasts in our collection. Our regular shoe tree was based on our old 330 last, which we used for all our Hand grade collection before we had 4-5 different lasts in the Hand grade."
Is there any evidence that these particular shoe trees are made on the 337 last? I have contacted CJ but havent received a reply yet.
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