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Is it easy to remove the inner sole of the Comfort Craftsman? I would like to buy the Blaxland buy its impossible tog get it in Dark Tan or Rum after LVMH has taken over RM Williams
I have a pair of Windermere from Herring which is also produced by Cheaney and these have had a gap in the sole and in the seam of the heel, on the inside of the shoe is loose. I have too limited experience to directly provide any recommendations, but based on the pair of shoes that I have, I can see a distinct differences in leather and manufacturing quality between Cheaney and Sargent, Carmina and C&J, which I think has better products.
Another shoe for you to consider
Yes you can buy Yanko shoes from in crust leather.
Undoubtedly YES in my oppinion. Alfred Sargent is a quality manufacturer that I think are very affordable right now. The quality in leather and workmanship is something you can feel and see directly. And with lasted trees this is a no brainer.
Lovely shoes scurvyfreedma, beutiful color on the More and the G&G Westbury is just pure awesomenes Can you do a side by side of the 724 and the 48 last?
Here is another pair you maby would like to consider
Hi Is it possible to make a Group MTO here on styleforum for a pair of Alfred Sargent shoes from A Fine Pair of Shoes? How many shoes must be sold in order to create a group MTO in the exclusive line and what would the price be? You are also running a campaign where you give free world wide shipping and lasted shoe trees for free, is this also applicable at a Group MTO? I was thinking if this is a model that is possible to do. An Adelaide in dark burgundy on the 104 last...
Thanks for the tip but im not a big fan of Reverso. Im a big guy and the watch is just to small for me, only 21 mm. The watch should be over 30mm wide.
Im looking for a new dress watch. I would like rectangular gold watch like the Patek Philippe Gondolo. I just love the design of this watch but its out of my price range. Another watch i have found that is nice is the Catier Tank and Longines Dolce Vita. But i dont like the blue stone on the Cartier and the Dolce Vita is just to small. I have been looking at auctions for a Gondolo in the new design but i can only find the old design and this is just to small. I would...
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