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For me, I think my style is "classic urban" if such a term exists. I like to dress in modern, sleek clothing but still retain a classically tailored look. For me, my favorite designers probably embody this aesthetic: Calvin Klein, Helmut Lang (although not as of late), Jil Sander (pre-Prada) and hLam. I do have an appreciation for the more classic brands/houses of fashion. In particular, I very much like Oxxford. My favorite shirts are Battistoni.
I use a paste, specifically Aveda Control Paste because it gives my hair a layered, texturized look. I normally don't like Aveda products because I can't stand the smell. But I broke down and bought this product after endless searches (I think i've tried just about every hair line out there) and am happy with the look it gives.
Anyone have any experience with Fratelli Rossetti shoes?
If you ever come to New York, Barney's sells them. I think Louis Boston also sells them too. I love Incotex pants.
Anybody else like this brand? Anyone know where to find it easily? I know of only one NY that carries it.
i think it depends on the type of cuff links. As long as your cuff links are not too formal, the look definitely works.
There are lots. Just go to any health food store and you'll see plenty of non-aluminum deodorants. As mentioned by others, many of the higher end skincare lines have aluminum free products too. The one that I use is by D.R. Harris from the UK. It works well. Tea Tree Solutions is also another good brand and you'll find it in health food stores.
You could replace the insoles. I'm just curious. Why are you concerned with having the logo on the insole?
I really like this clothing brand. It's an Italian brand and it's similar to Prada and Neil Barrett. Does anyone know where I can buy this brand? They sell it at a boutique in SoHo called Bagutta. Was just wondering if there was anywhere else. I've seen it in Bergdorf and Barneys before, but not for a couple years.
I got one at It's called a fabric shaver.
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