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Quote: Take an analgesic such as paracetemol, but don't exceed the recommended dose if you care about your liver (and make sure you take into account the fact that some cold & 'flu preparations contain paracetemol). Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. You could also try gargling with warm salt water. If you live with others, make sure you cough or sneeze into a tissue or handkerchief. Also, remind them not to pick their nose with bare hands. ...
Random question: anyone have any recommended medicines for a sore throat? home sick today...
Quote: Get him a zip cardigan in either black or charcoal.  A mock neck and slim fit updates a classic look.  You could also opt for a plain black button up cardigan, either a little oversized and slouchy (think Cloak or last year's Costume National), or super slim (think Prada pretty much any year), but he has to be young and thin to pull that one off. Alternatives to a cardigan might be a high v-neck knit. or a wool shirt/jacket that can be worn indoors...
I think the ties are licensed. I was wondering about the menswear line described on the below link:
Has anyone tried John Varvatos jeans?
I agree with that. Helmut Lang jeans fit me best as well. I was talking though about the ready to wear collection.
Has anyone see Jil Sander's first return collection? The Spring 2004 is supposed to be her first one since she came back to her label.
I heard that for Spring 2004 Christian Lacroix would be doing menswear for the first time. Unfortunately, it's only available in Europe and the Middle East. Has anyone seen this collection?
Hadn't seen yet the the Fall 2003 Helmut Lang collection. I saw what was left on the sale racks today at the Helmut Lang boutique in Soho. Unless the good stuff was already sold, I have to say that I think this collection was terrible. Lots of straps and shirts torn in strange places. I didn't buy a single thing.
Thanks for the info. I currently have just a jacket by Comme des Garcons and I've always been really impressed with the quality of the garment. It's really impeccable. I only wish the clothes from the Japanese designers weren't so expensive.
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