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When I play sports or go running, I have Adidas shoes. For "dressy" sneakers, I have a great pair of Bally shoes. They are the most comfortable shoes I own--better than Tod's. And I've gotten lots of complements on them for their looks. I think they're kind of a "hot" shoe right now. Or at least I saw them mentioned in a couple of magazines...
Where are you? Are you in New York? Dior Homme is sold at Jeffrey, Barneys and Bagutta here in the city.
Dormeuil is a fabric house from France that has been around forever (100+ years). It is very expensive and exclusive. The store here in New York that sells $2,000+ suits to those who can afford it. You don't really go there for the most cutting edge stuff, mainly traditional stuff. But it is top-notch quality and you can trust that it'll last forever. The NY store also sells Edward Green shoes, which is a bespoke shoe brand from England (like Berluti or John Lobb.)
Zirh products contain loads of peppermint and menthol, which are very irritating to many peoples' skin. Zirh is owned by the Shiseido company and grew in popularity due to prescient marketing and good product placement (was used by Tom Cruise in Eyes Wide Shut, e.g.). I personally use Peter Thomas Roth, Kiehl's and Aesop for my skincare needs, in case anyone's curious.
Here are some brands to look at that have a slim and fitted look: Helmut Lang Jil Sander Prada Calvin Klein Collection These brands probably aren't a surprise to anyone, but just in case you were unaware...
Helmut Lang and Jil Sander make suits with flat front pants. I have a 3 button black Jil Sander suit with flat front pants.
They've shut down the whole company for now. Who knows? Maybe they'll bring it back since Richemont still owns the rights to it.
Sulka was started by Amos Sulka in the early 20th century and is now known for traditional and very expensive menswear. Sulka is quality stuff. At one point Sulka had stores in San Francisco, New York, London & Paris. However the conglomerate which owns Sulka, The Richemont Group, decided to shut down Sulka earlier this year due to changing tastes and lowered demand for the type of clothing it produced. There was an article about Sulka's closing in the NY Times--if I find...
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