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Piatelli is not a the Barneys house brand. Barneys just added their name to inform you that they are one of the exclusive sales outles for Piatelli in New York. I think Bergdorfs sells Piatelli too. Having the department store name is a pretty common sight on suit, dress shirt and even tie labels. At any rate, Piatelli is a very reputable Italian brand from everything that I've heard.
Has anyone seen the new menswear line by Roberto Menichetti?
How is the Asprey ready-to-wear collection? I heard it was being designed by Hussein Chalayan and was curious.
The Barneys house label is very good quality and a lot of their stuff is made at the same factories as the name designers. There was a big push by Barneys a few years ago to make the Barneys house label a brand in its own right that could stack up against the designer brands.
Quote: You've got me. Maybe if the shoe were hand-welted and had extensive hand stitching on the upper, it wouldn't be entirely unreasonable, but there's nothing out of the ordinary about that shoe. I'm a big fan of A. Testoni, but I have to admit, I was surprised to see a price that high. Maybe the buckles are 24K gold? Never seen that before, but just thinking out loud...
Quote: I use a card holder and a money-clip wallet from Mont-Blanc. Looks nice I think but cannot comment about the quality of leather used (still learning). Montblanc leather is made by the renowed Seeger leather factories in Germany. It's called "cashmere leather" and is exceptionally soft. Seeger is owned by the Richemont luxury conglomerate, but unfortunately no longer make leather under its own name. All of its leather carries the Montblanc name.... Part about Jil Sander's return is especially interesting to me.
How much are Berluti ready to wear models on average?
Incotex pants are awesome. They fit incredibly well and are extremely well made.
I like silver in general and my favorite pair is from Georg Jensen. They're oval shaped with kind of a dent in the middle so that the outer sides fold up. It's kind of a modern design and was inspired by Arne Jacobsen. I'll try to find a picture of them.
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