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I agree that you really want to go for something practical when skiing. Check out the outdoors brands (my personal faves are The North Face and Arcteryx) for good stuff that will last. North Face came out with an awesome jacket called Free Thinker for this season. Salomon and Rossi also make skiwear now too. Invest in a good pair of ski pants too. Go for the bib style with suspenders. I've used my trusty Killy pants for the past 4 years and they keep my lower body very...
Finally caught it at Barneys. I was very underwhelmed. I found the entire collection to be very boring. Seemed too similar to Armani--lots of neutral shades. I'm a bit disappointed.
In Europe, I think Bogner and Killy are most popular amongst the older set. I personally wear Killy pants and Salomon everything else. I also like Arcteryx and North Face, but I don't think they're too popular in Europe.
I voted for Lux Designer. My favorite designer/brands all have a similar look: Jil Sander, Helmut Lang, and Calvin Klein. I'm a big fan of John Varvatos too.
I like the Allegri vest. Too bad it's not my size, otherwise I would have bid.
They also sell Dior Homme at the Saks Fifth Avenue in NY. Not sure about Saks stores.
I can't imagine it'd be a problem, but as Mike C says, be sure to be very specific about what you want and verify that you can return/exchange the item.
I have A. Testoni, Ferragamo, J.M. Weston, To Boot Adam Derrick dress shoes. For casual shoes, I have Hogan and Bally sneaker-style shoes. For loafers, i have Tod's and Camper. For my tennis & running shoes I have Adidas. For hiking, I wear Salomon.
I posted about Balenciaga about a year ago. They sell it at Barneys and to be honest, I'm not all that enthralled with it. I just saw the spring collection for Balenciaga this past weekend and am still not won over. Maybe I'm just missing something? It seems like overpriced grunge wear to me...(no offense to anyone.)
Piatelli is not a the Barneys house brand. Barneys just added their name to inform you that they are one of the exclusive sales outles for Piatelli in New York. I think Bergdorfs sells Piatelli too. Having the department store name is a pretty common sight on suit, dress shirt and even tie labels. At any rate, Piatelli is a very reputable Italian brand from everything that I've heard.
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