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Apologies for not being more clear. The leather ends roughly just before the ankle line and then is topped by suede. see here; http://i.ebayimg.com/images/i/231304206877-0-0/s-l140.jpg
Brand new pair of unworn dark brown lace up boots, leather bottoms with suede uppers. Been waiting until the winter hit to wear them, but I am thinking abiout the wet and salt that comes with a New England winter. Any suggestions on how to treat the boots before the first wearing, or even if I should treat them at all, so that I can head off any potential problems? Thanks in advance.
I have sent 3 emails to Pepe in the past week with no response whatsoever. Any idea of where he might be or why no response?
Thanks DS. Interseting read but really could not find anything specific to my case.
Bumped .. ... for please, does anyone have a link to an "official" document or law?
Can anyone provide a link to a government or "official" doc?
I am having a pair of shoes shipped to me from the EU. The company says that they want tto charge me VAT, but my recollection is that mailing items to the USA are not subject to VAT. Can anyone clear this up for me? Thanks.
Bumped for more ideas, please
I am wondering if anyone has suggestions for such a garment that is "reasonably" (
Bumped. Last try. PLEASE!!!
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