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I am wondering if anyone knows about this company. I got this email today: Hi there, I know you're busy but I'm confident this would be a great fit for you. As you likely know, we make clothing (suits, shirts, jackets, and more) for professionals and executives like yourself. Our clothes are custom made at a price comparable to off-the-rack, with suits starting at $888 and going up to several thousand dollars. Shirts start at $128 and go up to $458. A lot of options in...
Honestly I am more concerned about sleeve length than body fit. If the sleeve is not exceptionally long, it will be too short. My sleeve length is 37-38 inches, depending upon cut, etc.
I wear a 46XL jacket when I can get it. Will any of these fit a bug guy?
Does anyone have experience with this company? http://www.pigiamiditalia.it/en/
I bought one of these and am very satisfied. Gave them style, color, and measurements. MTM Raincoat indeed. http://www.cocoon-online.com/ I especially liked this: "We will replace or refund the cost of any clothes returned within 14 days, provided they are unworn and undamaged. This guarantee covers ALL clothing including made to measure and Sale items. Please note that this does not cover the cost of return postage."
Apologies for not being more clear. The leather ends roughly just before the ankle line and then is topped by suede. see here; http://i.ebayimg.com/images/i/231304206877-0-0/s-l140.jpg
Brand new pair of unworn dark brown lace up boots, leather bottoms with suede uppers. Been waiting until the winter hit to wear them, but I am thinking abiout the wet and salt that comes with a New England winter. Any suggestions on how to treat the boots before the first wearing, or even if I should treat them at all, so that I can head off any potential problems? Thanks in advance.
I have sent 3 emails to Pepe in the past week with no response whatsoever. Any idea of where he might be or why no response?
Thanks DS. Interseting read but really could not find anything specific to my case.
Bumped .. ... for please, does anyone have a link to an "official" document or law?
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