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If they don't get some Relief pitching and get rid of Fat Ass at 1st base they are going to continue to underachieve. Its a shame since they have a ton of talent on the team.
The Duck Boats are running! It's an awesome day in New England. The boats are filled with "baseball guys".
I am,, not giving up but it"s looking bleak
That fumble was the dagger. Hats of to the Ravens.
This game is way to close. Lots of wasted opportunities by Pats. bad clock management as well. Christ I hate this. Like the normal blow outs much better.
Wow, totally unexpected first half so far. Long way to go though.
New England and 49ers
Watching the game.
What a bullshit call by refs. That was a fumble big time. Not as bad as the Broncos were getting hosed yesterday though.
Drilled it! Fun game to watch.
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