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Make sure when you need more holes to go to a leatherworker who can take some length out of the buckle end, as opposed to just punching new holes on the tip end.
Just got an email with an early look from Gustin. Looks amazing.
Has anyone received/reviewed one of the L1 jackets yet?
That's what I was thinking. Thanks.
I'm going to be in HK next week, but it's for a rather short trip, the 20-23. My initial impression was that this is nowhere near enough time to get anything halfway decent and I should just enjoy my trip. Am I correct, or should I be doing some research? Budget would be SuitSupply level if I did anything, which I understand puts me below a lot of the big names. Certainly don't want to pay SuitSupply money and not get at least the same quality, though.
Any chance of brass hardware on the double riders?
Hello all, I placed an order with BlackLapel for a Double Breasted Shawl Lapel Tuxedo just over a month ago, and it arrived at my door today. Overall, I'm pretty pleased with the fit, though there are some issues. I provided BlackLapel with a shot of Tom Hanks in a Tom Ford DB Shawl at the Oscars a few years ago and asked them to replicate it to the best of their ability. We had a number of emails going back and forth about measurements and other issues, but I think...
Black Lapel looks like an interesting option. At about half the price of the local place, if they're both MTM I don't see a ton of advantage of spending $1,200 for a similar product. My assumption is all I would gain are better measurements and a wider array of fabrics.
My mistake with the wording, I'm buying both a jacket and trousers. After re-reading my post, I see where the confusion came from.I met with a local custom tailor in St. Louis called Saville Row. They'll do a full custom tuxedo for $1,200, which seems fair. My assumption is that it's made to measure, though they say they create a pattern and retain it for later usage.There are a few more local places I'd like to visit. I'm giving a passing look at Indochino, but the...
All, I'm getting married in November and on the hunt for a specific type of tuxedo/dinner jacket. A large portion of the reason I'm game for one is based on Tom Hanks at the Oscars last (?) year: I've been on the hunt for an OTR Shawl DB tux for awhile, and haven't had much success. My optimal budget is around $1,000, which appears to be a stretch. I already have a SB peaked, so all I need is the tuxedo itself. Paul Stuart makes a very pretty one, but it's well above...
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