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WTB JE Military parka sz L preferably green
Whats the coupon code? Might give em a try
Just wanted to give my 2 cents about the gap discussion. The first time I had ever heard of the brand was the first gap collab and I loved the designs and style and thought it was amazing. I bought both villains and the denim. Since then I have moved up to 'real' JE and don't think I'll be going back even though some of the price points are still crazy to me. Looking back at it, it was a great way to get introduced to the brand, which I think is the ultimate point. The...
Website I look at from time to time for sample sale info, even though it's not nearly as comprehensive is www.thechoosybeggar.com and the reviews on the barneys sale was that it was awful, people begging others not to make the mistake of going. All marc by Marc Jacobs and biebz tour merchandise...
If the second video sounds right, it looks like the stuff that he presented at the end was a preview, so similar items to things we've seen before? Not all that dissimilar to his first gap collection, items like the mainline with some subtle changes here and there? I loved the first gap collection and wouldnt expect dramatically different shit to be his gap looks... just my 2 cents
Damn, missed out on the olive parka in a L, if anyone has seen any on sale anywhere shoot me a pm
Very much this.
$200 for henleys tho?
Clash Crews and hoodies up on flash sale now
Have to say the sale was much appreciated...everything I really wanted was just one size off...too big here, too small there haha, unlucky for me, hope everyone else flourished
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