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$200 for henleys tho?
Clash Crews and hoodies up on flash sale now
Have to say the sale was much appreciated...everything I really wanted was just one size off...too big here, too small there haha, unlucky for me, hope everyone else flourished
Sales up, Flash sale as well on all midnight items Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo haha
I'm sure i'm missing something, but is the 20 off code for the website not registering for anyone else? Any help is much appreciated, and if anyone sees any crazy deals for fishtail sweatshirts shoot me a pm
Need supply has a 25 off store wide code everyone25 good luck
Had three pairs of jeans in my cart...got jacked for two within about 35 seconds...but i got one thooooooooooooooooooooooo haha
Trying to get some cps myself but they don't have my size, anyone think I'd be able to return for my size in the states? (Nordstrom maybe?)
Was anyone able to get any villain crews on the restock this am? Went to get one about ~5 minutes after getting the email and I couldn't put any sizes in my cart in any color??
Stopped by Bergdorfs today to see if they had anything left and they had a black villain in xxl and 2 charcoal villains in xxl, lots of tees and midnight escobars if anyone is interested...the charcoal villian is dooooooooooooope in person btw. Also tried on some cast denim recently, was surprised that they fit, a little slimmer than naked and famous slim guys (athletic thighs) but still fits and has a nice taper...hope that helps someone...
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