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Just got my 2 grab bags, got the same thing in each one, brown card sleeve and black bottlehook...Id be willing to trade anything for any or or all of it, ...if anyone has a wallet thats what id be most interested in...shoot me a pm
I just pulled the trigger on the AE's on the off chance that the order works out...even at the outlets AEs are like 220+...
Are there any Tate+Yoko codes out there that work on naked and famous??
If there's any 32s left in any of it no matter the color would you be willing to proxy?? I'd gladly pay shipping and something for your troubles...
did the sale just drop off the map completely for anyone else? (Mr porter) Edit: site randomly switched to UK in the middle of browsing...my bad
I just want to echo what everyone is saying about Unlucky aka Scott. He is the best. Period. I have gotten belts from him and they are unbelievable, going to get a wallet soon and then on to a bag at some point. He is great with customer service answering questions and helping out. Not to mention he helped me out with an order even though I made a mistake (self acknowledged) but he still worked with me to get it taken care of. I could not recommend him highly enough,...
Also here w/ paypal if anyone wants to proxy sz 45...thanks i'll be checking my PMs
I third the sentiment as well if there are any 45s there i'll be checking my pms as well...thanks in advance if anyone can pull it off
Gonna have to let my sz 32 slim guy duck selvedge chinos and linen blends go, anyone have any 33s or 34s they wanna trade??
Hey quick question (before I ask just let me say VIVA LA SLIM GUY!!) so my question is that I have a couple of pairs of n+f that I love the fabric but they are a little tight in the thighs. The linen blend and duck canvas are the biggest offenders. Do these stretch at all? Is there a method to let my thighs breathe a little bit? Soak? Stuff with newspaper? Anything? Any help would be greatly appreciated
New Posts  All Forums: