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Update us!! Any outerwear?Kind of surreal seeing WM coming to US shores Fall/Winter 2011 complete line-up is here. Personally going to make sure I own this here jacket
Getting a little publicity over at malefashionadvice on reddit! "Epaulet makes the best fucking pants ever." - lordgold "a $200 pair of pants from Epaulet feels better than most $500 pants I've handled." - Liberalguy123
Hm, thanks for the insight. If Dior MIJ is characterized by cut foremost then perhaps they aren't for me; I'm perfectly happy with the fit of these cheap Cone Mill EP's I'm wearing! And the ability to retain the indigo is actually not really what I'm looking for. In the B&S pictures there was a really neat little metal clasp thingy though haha.
What are the upsides, or maybe strengths of Dior Homme denim? MIJ. There is a pair over at B&S. And if someone mentions "denim quality" could you go into a little detail. Thanks!
^Yeah, that post just motivated me to get a pair. Steezus Christ
Hey guys, looking for something a little out of the box. Slim straight, but with a dyed weft ... Saw the Momotaro Grand Indigo, saw the Tender Lot 130, saw the PBJ Purple Face, and saw the Samuari Element series. Can you guys think of any others that I've missed? Or a recommendation of the above based on fit (APC NS sz 29 is the ideal comparison) Thanks!
Hey guys, I have a size 29 "Men Without a Country" Mauro Pant (unhemmed). Unwashed and with a few months of wear, but no fading. PM me!
Quote: Originally Posted by Epaulet Hah, this outfit sounds awesome! Bet that those Yuketen boots are absolutely killer with the H-bone chinos. Good call. Initially when I set up the site, my online provider was charging for large data transfer rates, so I used Flickr to host all of my full-res images. But they've gone to a flat rate, so it should be possible for us to do some kind of multi-step embedded shots. We're definitely looking into a lot...
What fabrics/colors can we expect for the sportcoats?
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