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id send them back and demand they pay for shipping
I'm curious about this shop as well.
i am 5'9" and 175 athletic build and i have shirts in small from them. i ordered a medium eliot shirt from them once and was swimming in it. strangely i have a striped oxford medium from them that fits fine. VV is generally overpriced for what you get
thanks for making this thread. I am attending an early september wedding and was in a similar position. blue blazer and light pants, or a grey suit.
i've seen a few real life pics of the merlot and it can look VERY red. the chili is more versatile IMO. i personally would go with the brown, but that of course depends on what you want to wear these with.
yeah like the guy in the 5000 dollar suit is gonna hold the elevator for the guy who doesnt make that in a month comeon!
ive had a wide variety of experiences at BB from a snooty guy who barely made time for me and tried to convince me that extra slim was not worth it to a guy who was offering to measure me and have polos made
the public golf course, maybe
thread is groce
any more photos of the PAs from different angles?
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