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WTB Crockett & Jones Lindrick / Ralph Lauren Lindrick Boots Any size
exactlyand i'm sure OSB would do it for you for free if you ask and are willing to wait for a pair to be made
are there any 'worn in' shots of the selvedge RRL chinos? do they develop or fade at all? obviously not to the extent of raw denim, but at all?
stopping to stitch is the opposite of a shortcut. First they've got to scuff the rawhide, then scuff the inside of the shoe where it will be adhered, then cement the lace, cement the inside of the shoe, let the cement dry, lightly hammer the lace to the shoe when dry, then probably take it to a different part of the factory to stitch it down. i worked the counter at a shoe repair in college. you're the classic example of the guy who says, "$10? for what? For a...
exactlyare you honestly not understanding? you have to lace the boat shoe exactly as you would for 360. But at the end as you get to the eyelets, instead of just lacing it up you have to stop and sew the lace into the inside of the shoe. Then they lace the upper eyelets with another shoe lace. I assume you don't have an OSB example that you're looking at.
think that through for just a second. 360 is cheaper to manufacture. with the 2 piece, they have to run the lace through completely as you would for 360 but then stop and stitch the end of the lace down.i don't see why more boat shoe companies don't do it. saves the annoyance if the lace breaks
blue dainite. man those are solid
can we get more photos? I wonder if the guys in the Alden thread have seen these?! look really good - nice pick up!
they've been quoted saying that when you break a 360 lace, pretty much the only way to replace the lace is to either take it to a cobbler, or send it back to the manufacturer. Normal lacing avoids that problem
a vote for horween leather belts from Leffot
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