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a vote for horween leather belts from Leffot
With welted shoes, a friend of mine takes a hard bristle brush, and scrubs at the welt a few times a year to get grime out. I think this helps
^ The current BB promotion unfortunately is terrible. As always, look forward to friends and family. For those who don't get the invite, they usually extend the offer if you to go the store and ask
^ Like so many of you, I too have talked to George from Oak Street and ordered a pair. I think it's awesome that they're taking the web route - which is allowing them to keep their prices lower for us. I know for a fact that retailers are calling Oak Street like crazy, but they really want to limit retailers instead of raising prices.
I just picked up the fair isle - been waiting on it for months. Brooks brothers has the perfect fair isle (a bit more traditional), but it is only available as a vest. Ralph will surely have some great ones as well, but at higher price points.
I thought this was pretty cool. Looks like the first Quoddy to Oak Street convert. This guy posted that he has had to return two pairs of Quoddys to O'Connells due to workmanship issues (something that seems to be happening more often lately). Then, he converted to Oak Street and shows a photo of his new Oak Street double sole penny loafers that he got from Tenet. ...
I've been really impressed with the extra-slim. As a guy who gets most of his shirts tailored, the extra-slim fit surprisingly well. I was in store the other day, and they had a binder full of the upcoming line. It's very Rugby-esque. I'm really looking forward to it. I think a lot of people are going to be surprised and excited. Based on recent fits, it's more slim than both Rugby and J. Crew, and with BB's history, it makes the pieces that much more authentic
incredible what Obenauf's Heavy Duty LP can do to a pair
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