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Tim Coppens SS 2012 1/1 Done with clothes,
Yeah it's a complete 1-off, made with vintage rugs
Cost is no longer prohibitive, and they're holding it for me. Does it fit well enough that I should go for it? Or should I just stick with my Monitaly and call it a day?
want to properly groom myself and wear that, tim coppens and balenciaga
No way, I hate that shit. It's not a good look. I mean I have some vague recollections and it was more of a "brown out" since I came-to late in the night and remember everything after a certain point. I think I remember a few of the weird thinks bows is talking about RFT: speaking of Picasso hats, I need to make it to assembly tomorrow to check theirs out in person. I bought a necklace today and will post it in RP when I take a pic. (instagrammed, of course) Edit:...
(I should probably just take this to PM but whatever.) Gonna miss that roof Also, sorry if I completely embarrassed myself last weekend. I don't remember anything starting around when that girl brought back pierogi and I feel like I probably made an ass of myself for the next X hours haha
here's a new article for that fun game called See How Far You Can Read Without Wanting to Die
Aren't these just the commonly accepted thoughts and attitude toward instagram? does anyone use it sincerely / has anyone ever thought it was cool?
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