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Tim Coppens SS 2012 1/1 Done with clothes,
Yeah it's a complete 1-off, made with vintage rugs
Cost is no longer prohibitive, and they're holding it for me. Does it fit well enough that I should go for it? Or should I just stick with my Monitaly and call it a day?
want to properly groom myself and wear that, tim coppens and balenciaga
No way, I hate that shit. It's not a good look. I mean I have some vague recollections and it was more of a "brown out" since I came-to late in the night and remember everything after a certain point. I think I remember a few of the weird thinks bows is talking about RFT: speaking of Picasso hats, I need to make it to assembly tomorrow to check theirs out in person. I bought a necklace today and will post it in RP when I take a pic. (instagrammed, of course) Edit:...
(I should probably just take this to PM but whatever.) Gonna miss that roof Also, sorry if I completely embarrassed myself last weekend. I don't remember anything starting around when that girl brought back pierogi and I feel like I probably made an ass of myself for the next X hours haha
here's a new article for that fun game called See How Far You Can Read Without Wanting to Die http://www.nytimes.com/2012/07/19/fashion/wythe-avenue-in-williamsburg-is-heating-up.html?_r=2&pagewanted=all
Aren't these just the commonly accepted thoughts and attitude toward instagram? does anyone use it sincerely / has anyone ever thought it was cool?
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