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I think I bought one of the last 36R Riviera SCs you had. I was on the fence about it for a while. The thing was, it cost about the same as a Benjamin suit, and I knew nothing about Riviera and couldn't really find any information on them. It's not like it was Isaia or something that I could probably just resell if I didn't like it. After I got it though, I was glad I did. It's really nice quality and fits like it was made for me. Not having to drop another $50-$100 on...
I've been watching this show and I don't mind some of the suits being a little gaudy, but the tie knots that Hannibal wears are just ridiculous.
Good catch. I did not inspect them. I really only briefly handled a couple of them.Also, I just remembered that there were 3 or 4 Hamilton shirts there too. Really nice. I've never seen those before (there, or anywhere). I didn't realize they did RTW.
Orlando Neiman Marcus Last Call: There are a bunch (10 or so) Tom Ford woven pattern ties. All different patterns/colors. Marked $100, but there's always some sort of sale going on. They're hanging on the front of the tie rack. Neat looking, but I didn't get any as I have far too many ties as it is. Also, I'm not a huge fan of the super-stiff feel of that type of tie.
Ok, that's true. I'm not sure that describes SF though, and this opinion about black suits is not exclusive to SF.I have never heard of such a thing.If you mean as uniforms, then maybe. Other than that, no.
I believe my trousers also came with those. Very handy.
I like Bauhaus style watches, but I would like this much more without the date...
Good to hear that the new SCs will be coming soon. As to a soft shoulder suit, I'd be interested in that (navy, I think), though probably not this year; I want one of those SCs (which will likely consume the rest of my clothing budget for the year).
Why don't you take some pre-orders (I know I want something) and then pick whatever sizes you think will sell using the remaining material?
If you have a Saks OFF 5'th near you, they frequently have a good selection of Saks Black Label wool pants for ~$100 (though usually only one or two pairs in 30"). I'm not talking about digging through their clearance racks either. That's their normal price. They seem to be pretty good quality; made in Canada. In the past I have even snagged a pair or two for ~$35 on clearance. I'd take a look there.
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