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Interested, but need to measure my shirts. Also need to figure out where my tape measure is both for this and other home projects..
Brand: Florsheim Royal Imperial Type: Kenmoor Plain Toe Color: Black Pebble Grain Size: 8.5D You can see that these are in great condition from the pictures. I wore these for a while, but have accepted that my feet are too wide for them. I got emotional as I was preparing them for the pictures.. but alas they have to go. They are conditioned, toes polished, and edge dressing applied. If you want this slippery slidey V-Cleat double sole goodness for $80bucks shipped, them...
The heels of mine have split from the sole, but haven't fallen off so I keep wearing them.
brooks brothers 36s fitz and milano. the store can tailor it to fit
Florsheim Imperial Wingtips in Burgundy $55 shipped 9D Full Grain calf Goodyear welted I'll remove the sticky residue shown in pictures before shipping out (had taps on) Heels are near perfect Great looking shoe with a ton of life left. I just got some shell cordovan kicks, so its time I let go of these.
almost new boggi walnut colored loafers. blake stitched. $5
what is sizing like on jcrew smalls. slim? chest measurement? length? thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by Brianpore Aren't we all! maybe the 36s fitz is actually navy and not black. I have the same suit, same size in navy and it looks black
Curious.. now that you're smaller than a 36, where will you be purchasing your next suit? (34, or a slim 36 I assume)
Florida has nothing as far as suits go. Especially if you are looking for a 36. Source: Living in Florida and wearing a 34/36
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