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if you only plan on wearing them on weekends there's no need to worry about fading. Faint fading will begin appearing after ~3 months of EVERYDAY wear, so you should be fine. Also, don't soak them. That'll remove the sheen the new denim has and make them look 'flatter' and lighter in color.
^mall brand seam
re: balenciagasthe pleateds do look great in person and the leather is like 10x better than the stuff they've been using in past seasons.
go down at least one. ime slim jims are tts
hows the dye on those nubuck hi's? I got the red ones from fw10 and the color rubs into white laces like crazy. Anyone have another pair of colored nubucks that's had this happen? Only other color I've handled is white and those obviously aren't as saturated.
27 will make you infertile...if ur between 30-32 normally, I'd go with a 29, or 28 at the very tightest. ime they don't stretch nearly as much as some people claim. Also remember, smaller sizes have less material = less stretch potential.edit: Oh, and welcome
i prefer the contrasting white soles
you're probably gonna have to hem something cuz i dont think any decent quality denim brands sell varying inseams across waist sizes. If you want a straight fit apc new standards are great in terms of fit and value. 3sixteen and Spurr also make some good straight fits. You can try n&f but personally i hate their fits and have passed up many pairs at
AG and 7fam both use 33-34'' inseams. Don't buy them tho as quality wise they are pretty meh...denim is flimsy and will wear down very quickly. APC inseams vary from 32-35 based on waist size. No need to hem these really unless u have too much / hate stacking.
wtf damir...(and they're $1150...)
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