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I recently tried Tarrago nano protector on some suede achilles and it seems to work really well. No discoloration from what I can tell. Hopefully the coating stays effective for awhile.Grats on the mids! I personally find them more "all-purpose" than lows. You'll get used to undoing the laces every time, it doesn't pay to rush as i've seen someone make a vertical rip in the leather straight down the back of the ankle from forcing You mean the margom sole height? Some of...
Are all these ripped grey suedes from SS13? I got a pair of the faded green ones from SS13 and theyre built like tanks i mean, its suede with a fairly thick lining...
This. They're the only thing ive found to work on outsoles. Be careful tho, I used one to clean a tiny black scuff on the leather upper of a pair of cream-colored kvas and it discolored slightly to white/faint blue hue (good thing its not noticeable).
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Yeah if you can tuck you shirt in easily like that it's at least a size too big
it looks like poo
Np. I'm not familiar with neuw but I'm willing to guess they are sanforized. Unsanforized denim typically has a rougher appearance than what I'm seeing on the their website. At the risk of sounding elitist (I don't own any unsanforized stuff, mind you), unsanforized denim is more of a novel product that appeals more to the denimhead crowd than consumers with just a curiosity in raw denim. If you think about it this way, a mass market product would not bother with the...
Soaking prior to wearing is only for unsanforized denim which will shrink more dramatically with the first wash. These are generally your japanese brands. Most american and european brands sell sanforized denim which will only shrink marginally, so washing prior to wear is not advised. Warm washing tends to cause more indigo loss and shrinkage so most people prefer to cold wash when the time comes. To further prevent dye loss when washing, use something like Woolite extra...
^APC ps faux noir. It's overdyed black so shouldnt fade much. Sometimes hard to find tho
$450 'upgrade' on lvr
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