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u sure u don't mean hips when u say "waist"? if your waist is indeed 35.5 theres no way in hell you'd get a tagged 32 over your ass
definitely the best balmains to date
^^^gilt men's was actualy worth watching those days...its such a piece of shit now
Can anyone give a quick rundown or example of models and prices? just curious...
12'' rise sounds like drop crotch territory. Somet 030 and 031 aren't quite 12'' but are pretty long rise and tapered.
based on your vans size id say 43, but based on your red wing size id say 42. Kinda weird how the sizing varies that much, do you have any uk sizes in there? for reference, im a 9 in vans and red wings and 42 in cp.
the pairs i tried on in china and new york a few months ago were sized the same. It could be that all the sizes have shifted slightly since your last pair.
^looks kinda sloppy where the jeans hit your shoes. You can probably hem 1.5-2inches (and still do a single cuff), especially if you're gonna be wearing them with non-sneakers. 2 would probably be better since you really need to sag little judging by how nut-hugging they are in the first pic.
i think swiss's build would do well with drop crotch or skinny + stacks
^not selvedge. Looks like they have 1 (super light) selvedge model
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