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Thank god it's for the womens line. I know I'm in the minority when I say this but I like KVA's dior homme just as much as slimane's, possibly even more, although that might have a little to do with me not being around for the slimane years. It's hard to compare the two when their styles are so different. Really curious what Raf will come up with for Dior as he's not an obvious choice for the house.
^^those sandals are perfect in that context
I don't think they're terrible...the gat sole would have been more appropriate tho
+1 for the black dye. Would be awesome once they get beaten up and the shaft looses some structure. The brown appears almost reddish in some pictures? You might also want to try re-lacing those gettoasty, the straight sneaker style lacing is throwing off the combat look for me, although iirc they were modeled the way you have them...
If the swoosh wasn't there I don't think I would have even guessed those were shoes. That reminds me though, clothespins have been used over and over...but the creative potential of staples have yet to be exploited in the SW&D world...(feel free to prove me wrong )When I wen't to London a few years ago, something like 20-30% of the european tourists were clad in the moncler + jeans + hogans uniform.
thnx for the help masters. Will be on the lookout for some sz 2 (not ready for sz 3 volume )
^you mean ss2011. Those 3 pairs have been sitting around for a year now
5 star thread gentleman. I can't believe I didn't start reading this earlier. I'm thinking of picking up a Y's or YY blazer or jacket at some point. I'm 5'10'' us36 suit size. Should I be looking for a size 1? Also, between Y's and YYPH, is one cut slimmer than the other?
cp x tim coppens looks really good. Kinda reminds me of some DH boots from a while back. I've never heard of tim coppens but SS12 isn't bad...almost neil barrett-esque (can't say the same for FW12). nineohtoo sry to hear those didn't work out. How was the sizing compared to sneaker sizing? Also, just saw this: new editions will be available at barneys
Dont do it. A wedge/creeper sole would look too polished for such a rugged boot. Result would be incoherent.
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