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I don't think men's run smaller than 39 (38 maybe?). If they're real they're woman's. Check if the soles are thinner than the ones on original men's achilles.
navy vintage achilles and tournament lows for cheap on yoox. RMN@YOOX for another 10% off.
sorry but those look huge. Up-turned toe also exacerbates clowning effect.
Good to know. 19cm mij raws was at the top of my kop list this season but 17.5cm sounds even better.+1
my initial reaction when you said you were gonna spray paint those was "that's retarded," but you know wut, they dont look half bad. I actually really dig the way the soles came out.
i really like my mids, but they're definitely too hot for summer. Go with the lows, or wait for new editions to drop cuz canvas>leather when it gets hot
Go tts. Even then they may be too narrow tho if you say you have wide feet. Going up to 43 wouldn't work either since they're pretty long to begin with. If cp toe boxes don't work for you, maybe check out some KVAs.
yeah i was second guessing myself when I wrote that but yep u got me noobness revealed.
Those Mcqueens are the first pair of croc (croc print?) sneakers I can get down with. Never cared for the ricks.
You make a good point. The only DH pieces I own are denim and the first DH collection I was around for was ss09 (awful). Like other KVA fans, I prioritize purchasing KVA (the label) products over DH ones, simply because I like the look more and think they work better with my body type. It's been rare that DH under KVA out-shined KVA's own line, but I think FW12 is a perfect example.I too am glad that the slim rocker look is dead, but I don't agree with those saying current...
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