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just wear them, they all come like that
wtf...how does that even happen...my pair (same model/color) is suuuper thick in that area??
The 19cm was inspired by the "cure" cut, which was replaced by the skinnier "new cure" a few years ago. Those momos have a slightly longer rise and about .5in larger leg opening than 19cm of the same size. If you want neater stacks, I'd suggest going for the petite standard over the new cure, but both are much skinnier than the 19cm.
I think that looks fine. If u sized down once more the short rise would crush your balls. The waistband on my 17.5cm is pretty loose, too, but everywhere else fits pretty perfectly so I just wear a belt. Remember 19cm was meant to be more of a slouchy fit than a skinny fit, so after the hips stretch a bit, the wider waistband should sit on your hips. Just lose the cuffs and you're good
casbia. i actually like the soles..
u sure u don't mean hips when u say "waist"? if your waist is indeed 35.5 theres no way in hell you'd get a tagged 32 over your ass
definitely the best balmains to date
^^^gilt men's was actualy worth watching those days...its such a piece of shit now
Can anyone give a quick rundown or example of models and prices? just curious...
12'' rise sounds like drop crotch territory. Somet 030 and 031 aren't quite 12'' but are pretty long rise and tapered.
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