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the pairs i tried on in china and new york a few months ago were sized the same. It could be that all the sizes have shifted slightly since your last pair.
^looks kinda sloppy where the jeans hit your shoes. You can probably hem 1.5-2inches (and still do a single cuff), especially if you're gonna be wearing them with non-sneakers. 2 would probably be better since you really need to sag little judging by how nut-hugging they are in the first pic.
i think swiss's build would do well with drop crotch or skinny + stacks
^not selvedge. Looks like they have 1 (super light) selvedge model
^too good. Looks like slimane just picked up from where he left off.
I actually like those ysl. Kinda like a revamped version of the rolling. Wasn't feeling all the chunky silhouettes they were putting out.
raw mij jean sizing seems pretty inconsistent recently. I picked up a pair of 17.5cm from the soho store recently and the first pair of sz 28 i tried were really loose. The SA said there were no 27's in stock so gave me another pair of 17.5's...and they fit a whole inch tighter. He was just as baffled as I was. The size 28 raw mij 19cm i tried were Much tighter than the tighter pair of 17.5's that i left with. (for reference im a very snug 28 in petit standards).
^ grim tims are a lot skinnier than new standards. Try N&F slim guy or weird guy
obviously this goes without saying. Still, just seeing stuff like this turns me off from considering those tournaments when they were only a 'consideration' to begin with. Really wanted some new editions but since they never seemed to make it past the showroom, I'm being forced to look elsewhere...
whoa that sucks. Giant quality depreciation? I was really liking the look of the suede this season too but guess ill stay away
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