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wow those look incredible. Im so glad there aren't any left in my size lol
re: sizing - I think part of the discrepancy in sizing up/down may come from CP's own scaling. For example, larger sizes may fit closer to TTS vs smaller sizes will fit larger...who knows re: quality -- TBH the most obvious low quality CP leathers I've handled were all white smooth leathers--achilles and bballs. The colored models that have passed through my hands (cream, ivory, black) are more acceptable for the price (more supple) but still not what they used to be. I...
@ike_hiking_boots thereve been a couple different off white shades over the years. End used to have 4 at the same time. 3001 and 3154 are also off-white/cream/whatever you want to call it. I've found sizing to be consistently TTS since i got my first pair FW09 bball highs. I got a size 41 (sized down 1) and they're too tight (they're all me if you're interested)...worn maybe 6 times since then. I have achilles from SS10, FW12, SS13, SS15 and they all fit TTS...
Brand New In Box CP Bball lows in black. I sized down from my achilles size (42) and these are definitely too small for me. These are the sleakest version of the bballs: no additional layer to the sole, no textured leather panels: all smooth leather. Only tried on indoors. *sold* Price includes shipping to CONUS. Thanks for looking.
I think there's a miscommunication here. The numbers you're referring to are the model numbers not the color codes...CP's color codes (last 4 digits as i mentioned previously) are pretty consistent season to season so I would go by those instead of descriptions like "sand/tan/beige/khaki" etc.
hmm interesting you're right i missed the 1797 which is from the SS2015 season. I'm guessing the only difference is the addition of a front pull tab and a black welt vs no front pull tab and tan welt on the 1897? Soles look the same. Kinda wish I didn't stop saving an archive of all CP releases last year lol
not really into eg stuff but that bomber is amazing
Re: bball sizingI go TTS on all achilles and bballs. Sized up on derby shine since the toe is narrower than achilles. Fits slightly long but perfectly comfortable.No official list of colors but you can just look at the last 4 digits which represent the color code and are consist from season to season. The code only represents the color of the upper and not the color of the sole or the material of the upper, which are both represented by the first 4 digits. For example,...
Hah i think the problem here is I'm not interested in going full rick (no context outside the house and I try to avoid dark colors in general). Admittedly the geos were among my dumbest clothing purchases but damn i still love the goofiness
ah cool you're right those look almost identical. On another note, I wish they didn't supersize the tongues so much makes them even less wearable than they already were
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