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I'm no expert but i'd try to crazy glue that asap. Is that a common issue with rick soles??
Wow that does sound a lot smaller than just a "fits small" situation
^so if a L equates a to a EU40, would you say it fits like a EU38 or EU36? If anyone knows, what do S/M/L in womens rick/drkshdw equate to roughly in mens sizes? Curious on the off chance I see some unisex-looking womens pieces in larger sizes.
Hmm now that you mention it i don't think any canvas tournaments have been released in the last two seasons. As for achilles they've always been super rare :/ If anyone would have a pair it would be end but their site isn't working for me atm for some reason.
The grain on those look very similar to my dvn. Definitely wood trees. My usual routine for the dries is condition and cream polish every 3months-ish when worn 1-2 times a week. No need for conditioning out of the box though.
Ets Callatay Spring/Summer 2013 light beige loafers in thick, smooth leather with yellow rubber band details and clear plastic hooks. The bands can be swapped for whatever color/elasticity you want but no spares are included. Purchased from LN-CC years ago and retailed for $900+. Unfortunately these fit large and even with an insole I get too much heel slip. For reference, I'm a 42 in CP, 42.5 in MMM gats, 9.5 in adidas super stars, 42.5 in most dress shoes. Ets Callatay...
Rare KVA velcro strap lows from Fall/Winter 2010 in smooth ivory leather with white margom sole. Sleek silhouette broken up by aggressively angled straps. Completely lined in a soft tan colored leather including under the toebox. Unfortunately these are too short for me although the toebox is roomy enough width-wise (I take a 42 in CP and 42.5 in MMM). They should fit someone who takes sz41 in CP perfectly. Would trade for a size 43 (one can dream, right?) or similar...
Rick Owens Drkshdw "aircut" pants in a dark grey/black distressed horizontal corduroy with slight resin(?) coating. The inseam is long but the material is very easy to make stacks with. Internal flap protects your right leg from the cold zipper. Distressed raw hems. Selling because the waist is way too tight for me now. Condition: 8/10 Purchased new and worn no more than 5 times several years ago. Listed as 8/10 because right knee has some color fading caused by a...
MMM10 slim tapered white jeans from Spring/Summer 2010. Originally came with subtle blue and black paint splatter effect all over which have become faint after washing. Some black paint noticeable on outseams and both blue and black seen in various parts of the top block. Fits like Dior Homme 17.5cm denim with shorter inseam. Condition: 7/10 Worn sparingly for 2 summers before they became too tight for me and I forgot about them for years til now. Only sign of wear is...
I'm not a huge fan of either (prefer sl/01 toebox to the sl/10s) but if you like the jordan 1 look that they're modeled after I'd go for the gold panels for the color separation. Croc is rarely done well without looking tacky on sneakers imo and the ones you have up there look incongruently chunky with the large square embossing despite the otherwise slim silhouetteYou'd need at least a 42.5 if not a 43
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