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looks great. Is the leather the same as that on the regular achilles? I noticed these 'premiums' are priced lower than the original ones...maybe CP realized nothing is gonna sell better than the originals after the first premium iterations flopped
the running shoes are terrible. I dont mind the other ones.
dang, a canvas release pushed to fall...kinda defeats the original purpose
fall winter models trickling into colette. Really liking the creepers. wool achilles rec shoes still suck
the toebox looks a lot more stan smith to me than achilles, but for plain basic sneakers, not a bad value for $120
(a) for black ricks i prefer these
in my experience this is correct for D width feet. Not sure if scaling changes slightly for the smaller or larger sizes.
words of wisdom right here. Too often I find myself suddenly tempted to buy sneakers on sale just cuz they seems like a "good deal"...and then I realize I don't really like them and can buy like 300 McChickens with the money. I blame extensive conditioning from this forum.edit: those pony hair balmains? look much better than their first sneaker release
^yep, ss11
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