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agreed. i have achilles high, low, mid, and bball high but mids are def most comfy. A while ago i wore my light grey mids pretty much every day and they worked with most things in my closet
np bottom is definitely 19cm. Not sure for the top one. The cuts are pretty much identical although I think KVA made the back rises longer... but this is only from hearsay and photo comparison, I don't have any real life experience with Hedi-era denim
I picked up a pair of the green suede achilles (non-summer) a few weeks ago and it is definitely tighter than my older mids (leather) and highs (suede), both of which are slightly loose. The nice thing is, the suede this season doesnt seem to bleed dye like past models.
^size down 1-2 only for raw b/c they stretch. For washed, go TTS or maybe 1 size down depending on the model. Most diors (even 17.5cm) are fairly loose through the leg when wearing the correct waist size IME but that's b/c I have skinny legs. The models Hedi Slimane used are especially thin (and tall), which make all the jeans look loose/slouchy. edit: in that 2nd pic you can tell he's wearing them on his hips, not waist, so def. not sized down
omg lol...
You could be ok with the 31 if ur raws are not super tight. My 17.5cm MII washed pair is tighter all around compared to my 17.5cm MIJ raw (both 28). I've also tried on a washed 17.5 pair in 29 that i couldnt get past my thighs, so...u can never be too sure :/
doesn't look too tight in the pic but if u insist they look like jeggings, they're never gonna stop looking like jeggings. If the waist isn't too tight, you might fix the problem by sagging since the thighs are larger closer to the waistband.
^1 up from raw for washed as a general rule of thumb if uncertain. But washed pairs size all over the place in reality (have a pair of washed 28 17.5cm but couldnt get my calves into another pair of sz30 17.5cm), so it would be best to try them on somewhere first
just wear them, they all come like that
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