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holy shit for a second i thought a 3rd stanley van buren had surfaced also i dig that oversized geller shirt
dat lens flair shot seriously epic
If your feet are hurting the shoes are definitely too small...
leather - soap and water. Leather conditioner after it dries (allen edmonds cleaner condioner is cheap and works well) sole - nothing works better than Mr Clean magic eraser or generic cleaner eraser. Just be careful not to touch the upper cuz it can discolor the leather. For max deep clean you can use blue painter's tape and tape off the upper from the sole. You can actually clean off the yellowing UV damage to the rubber this way.
The optical illusion is strong with this one
Wait what?? I take a 42 in all achilles and had to size up to 43 on my derby shines They fit maybe a half size long but the 42 crushed my toes and I have a normal width foot. Mine are the navy ones from FW14 btw.
go with 42
I think you'll be ok. I have a pair of derbies I was considering topying cuz of the quick wear I noticed on the heel but I never did. Turns out initially the wear is heavy but the crepe doesnt fall off in chunks too much, it just compresses, so after a certain amount of time you don't see as much wear progression as initially. Unless the crepe is substantially less dense on those (havn't had a chance to handle a pair myself :/) i wouldn't worry about it.
that's just bizarre. Those look like standard white achilles. The last pic even has the right code
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