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raw mij jean sizing seems pretty inconsistent recently. I picked up a pair of 17.5cm from the soho store recently and the first pair of sz 28 i tried were really loose. The SA said there were no 27's in stock so gave me another pair of 17.5's...and they fit a whole inch tighter. He was just as baffled as I was. The size 28 raw mij 19cm i tried were Much tighter than the tighter pair of 17.5's that i left with. (for reference im a very snug 28 in petit standards).
^ grim tims are a lot skinnier than new standards. Try N&F slim guy or weird guy
obviously this goes without saying. Still, just seeing stuff like this turns me off from considering those tournaments when they were only a 'consideration' to begin with. Really wanted some new editions but since they never seemed to make it past the showroom, I'm being forced to look elsewhere...
whoa that sucks. Giant quality depreciation? I was really liking the look of the suede this season too but guess ill stay away
mr hare turned their running shoes into hightops edit: cant believe these are balenciagas..
^^do NOT soak, unless you want a flat, lifeless, non-crispy pair from the get-go. N&F are unsanforized so shrinkage will be minimal. Also, when its time to wash, a washing machine will do fine...JonSmythe has no idea what he's talking about.
the length will shrink a little as the honeycombs behind the knees settle in (about .5-1 inch). They'll also shrink about an inch (maybe less) after the first wash...but also remember they'll sag a little lower after some wear. You should be ok if you leave enough material to be able to make a 1 inch cuff with just a little break. Enjoy your first raws
if you only plan on wearing them on weekends there's no need to worry about fading. Faint fading will begin appearing after ~3 months of EVERYDAY wear, so you should be fine. Also, don't soak them. That'll remove the sheen the new denim has and make them look 'flatter' and lighter in color.
New Posts  All Forums: