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@sargeinaz You probably won't get a definite answer to your question as people here generally don't deal with fakes...that being said, pics may help.
Those are from the RAF by Raf Simons diffusion line (2005-2011)
Yep ramones are wide as well. I guess I should also mention pierre hardy (the classic non-runner models) are also wide in the toebox. I havn't tried on acne adrians but they should fit wider than CP achilles with a similar aesthetic. edit: ^I would say bballs are wider than achilles but still on the slim side generally speaking
rick geos
SS10 margiela was epic btw. Sad I outgrew my pair of white denim with the blue paint splatter. edit: seems yoox is up again
Anyone get shipments from yoox cyber monday sale yet? As of last night the app had my status still as "in preparation". Just checked the website today and noticed the site and app are both down, which ime hasn't happened to yoox in years. Not too surprised with delays as I'm sure they've been processing a ton of orders recently but with usual delivery time being
not having half sizes is especially a pain (literally?) when dealing with laceless shoes
@cmninja I'd go with the 46. IME sneakers/dress shoes don't ever stretch out enough width-wise to be acceptably comfortable, even after a week or two with a shoe stretcher wedged in. For reference, I take sz 42 in achilles and bballs which fit perfectly and 43 in chelseas and derby shines due to width issues...I have regular D width feet. The 43 are maybe a cm long but thicker socks (I usually wear very thin ones) make them fit fine without heel slippage. Sounds like...
There were a couple black training boots with the side zip that made it to Jan sales on Ssense last Jan. They were down to about $300 iirc including one in my size. I ended up going with a pair of navy derby shines tho and couldn't justify getting the boots too at the time but sometimes wish i did. No regrets with the derbies tho!
my 38-85 tokyo slims have 61cm sleeves (from top of shoulder seam) post shrinkage, which is probably about a cm if that helps
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