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^i think a white windowpane check button down shirt would look nice with the pants. or maybe a gingham shirt
just saw this today...daniele alessandrini has no shame http://www.yoox.com/item/YOOX/DANIEL.../sr_shoesmen80
lite beers exists for the sustainability of drinking games on college campuses
Quote: Originally Posted by stucco Are the letters on the side of common projects individual to each shoe. For instance would only one shoe have the number 34592349 on it? first 4 indicate model # (i.e. achilles, bball, etc), middle 2 is size in EU, last 4 is color code
where to kop common projects in boston?? seems like every store that used to have them either closed or stopped stocking (and the barney's here has a tiny shoe selection)
^^a ribbed tank if the shirt is in no way transparent. Crew neck is a no go
this is fucking bizarre
Quote: Originally Posted by hendrix I would love this if it weren't for the boots. they just don't go. Could be another pair of boots without the moc stitching or some sneakers and it'd look great i agree that the boots look out of place but its also what's making me like the fit maybe its how the sharp edges of the boots clash with the drapiness of the pants and shirt. deliciousfruits your sweater is inoffensive but lacking in style...
^nice to see a non-two-tone lanvin sole opinions on the elia maurizi sneakers on gilt right now? i really liked them until i saw the back
^thnx for the info. i hope ill have time to check it out before it sells out come late november
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