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^nice to see a non-two-tone lanvin sole opinions on the elia maurizi sneakers on gilt right now? i really liked them until i saw the back
^thnx for the info. i hope ill have time to check it out before it sells out come late november
So...can we expect the pieces to be lanvin designed/h&m contructed/slightly pricier than typical h&m products? I've never physically handled fast fashion x luxury label pieces so maybe someone with more experience can chime in. This collab does sound interesting, though the choice of lanvin is surprising. Alber Elbaz definitely in it for the $$$
i actually like the sweats + baller sneakers combo Quote: Originally Posted by JGP. tried on some YSL high tops today at the tannery in boston. really really liked them, they have some great models out this year. but $560, ugh. hoping they make it to some kind of sale... i remember reading somewhere that they have a 50% off entire store sale twice a year. keeping fingers crossed
the base is retarded but the case is sweet. where to kop?
^^love the assymetry of that cardi edit: actually can't tell if it was made that way or its just how you're wearing it :\\ either way, looks dope
^^^^RPG and riot shield...in civilian clothes?? siiick fit looks pretty cool too, minus the fanny pack
Quote: Originally Posted by APK I prefer these to most of the entries in the baller shoe thread. What's the price range for those? those guccis are an abomination. For $575 they look and feel terribly cheap
Quote: Originally Posted by A Fellow Linguist j crew (deal with it) dior marsell bad angle sick dior fit. 17.5cm?
Quote: Originally Posted by ddragovi This is so sick. Fit on everything is spot on. Sq the way this pic is 'shopped leads me to believe the shaved look really suites you better than 5 o'clock shadow. Your fits are usually very refined and clean cut and stubble really clashes with that. Quote: Originally Posted by danracer are those fingers coming out of your crotch?!!
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