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Boddington just needs some swagger (and real shoes)
Quote: Originally Posted by SebastianPGM Hey, long time lurker of these forums, decided to join. I've got a short, slim build (5'9", 140 lbs, 6% Body Fat, 28" waist, 34" chest, et cetera), and I'm looking for a more casual, shorter shirt with a bit of drape, that can be worn both partially unbuttoned and buttoned, and can be rolled up at the sleeves. I'm also looking to find a brand with shirts / outerwear that can consistently fit someone with my...
I'm a slim guy and brooks brothers slim fit supima cotton t-shirts are fucking perfect. They are longer than hanes which make them great for tucking when you need to and the material is quite good. My only complaint is that they only come in white.
Quote: Originally Posted by ThisFlyGuy APC newbie here, but is there a model where it fits like a relaxed/loose fit? What would be considered the "loose fit" of the APC line? Thanks rescues...dude theres only like 4 models currently in production...
Although I have no idea how long your hair is by looking at that pic, I suggest trying Murray's Superior. I just recently started using it too after this thread was posted. I'm pretty sure you'll be able to get a slicked back look that really holds with this stuff.
1. Although I have no idea if its possible to achieve such a look with the level of curls you have.
Never...unless I'm wearing a dress shirt over it
Quote: Originally Posted by sipang Gold or leopard print ? Try BOTH. Theres a pair of astros in a similar colorway on ebay... Quote: Originally Posted by sipang Lanvin x Shower rug I loled. Actually, as ridiculous as these are, I think they'd be pretty sweet without the fringed carpet edges and the red part of the out-sole. This seems to be the first season lanvin's mixing up the secondary colors...
PG looking grand as fck. I'll be more than satisfied if I could someday achieve half that level of steez (and have a proper context for it too...way to support cancer research )
Quote: Originally Posted by octopandda I have those (the ivory), they are really cool once the top layer begins to crack and the confettis start to fall off. They cost me 70 euros though, I wouldn't have paid retail for them. Do you have pics? I'm kinda curious how these look after considerable flaking.
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