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Quote: Originally Posted by Riio thank god for overzealous AC that lets me wear this shit in summer. i look more dressed by the internet everyday This looks great. Although I would go with a pair of shoes with a narrower toebox
Quote: Originally Posted by Conundrum That is the Size 28 with the 30 inch waist, i presume..? I meant tagged size = 30 although on second thought 29 would be better. I would imagine a tagged size 28 in your case would be pretty uncomfortable. You can always wear a belt to prevent excessive stretching but if the jeans are too small to even fit into initially you're pretty much screwed. Hope this helps
I cant stand retards who use "amongst" when they should simply be using among.
Personally I've always thought the "tip jars" in delis and convenience stores were for those who don't carry coins to deposit their change. Tips should be given when service is received. All these people do is take my money and hand me my sandwich. Is that service??? Hell no...how would I get my sandwich otherwise? Leave the tipping to the actual service industries I say. ps. my cynical side suspects that any bills placed in tip jars were planted there by the staff...
aw fuck! i won't be buying red wings anymore...
Quote: Originally Posted by odot520 Question: I wear a 33-34 in levis 511 jeans (approximately my true waist size) I just received my APC Petite Standards Size Tagged Size 31 in the mail. It is pretty hard to button the top button but I can.. that's not the problem. Problem is I hate how tight the jeans are on my calves. At the same time, I love how the leg opening is smaller than straight legs jeans. If I go up a size in PS, will that give me more...
Quote: Originally Posted by mickey711 xpoast: fit looks good. what's the v-neck?
Does wearing a lanvin bandana-visor automatically make you a douche? (I don't own one but wouldn't mind having one )
Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira Jil has knits on lock, but Raf doesn't really do as much experimental/conceptual designer stuff (nor does KVA, for that matter) and I don't know much about pre-Raf Jil imo KVA SS2010 was pretty conceptual and fucking epic. Wish I had the $$$ to buy a complete outfit or two just for fun.
The pics in this thread have persuaded me to try this stuff out. At less than $3 a tin, why not right? I'm liking the results so far (today is day one). Reggs how much do you use per application? My hair is about 3 inches long and I'm thinking the quarter teaspoon I used won't be holding my hair for more than 2 days. I just don't wanna over use it. Shit really is a pain to wash off your hands.
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