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synth, are those cut rick pants?? (gotta admit it looks great tho)
just looked at the sizing matrix again...wutsup with the quality ratings? Achilles lows are marked "high" but mids are marked "medium"...same with mmm mids vs. highs and lows...
ridiculously good price for a pair of officer's combat boots for guys with huge feet someone buy these!!
new cap toes suck hard. wayy too converse-esque... ...but these are probably the best iteration of tourney highs ever
Quote: Originally Posted by Synthese Thanks buddy. The hoodie is a Nike training top... LOL didn't see that one coming
Quote: Originally Posted by melonadejello [[SPOILER]] This is soo good. Varsity takes everything to the next level. Did you get the ervell oxide taken in? It looks a lot less boxy than in other ppl's fits. bball his are the shiit Quote: Originally Posted by Synthese not a real waywt: [[SPOILER]] Its awesome that you got your aesthetic figured out to the point that it shows even when you aren't necessarily trying to project it, especially when...
^^^rubberized achilles low fw09. very nice
Quote: Originally Posted by 123abc123 [[SPOILER]] hmmm...i actually like this. Despite your face being young for the ideal RO look and the jacket being a tad large, I think this is the best fit you've posted both in terms of fit and cohesion. may I ask how tall you are?
^I wasn't involved till beginning of last year either but I quickly evolved into a cp fiend with too much time on his hands I guess (thank you sf)
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