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If you do order, definitely order for both of you. You don't want her to be thinking "wtf, is my date trying to get himself drunk?" The problem with this is some restaurants card if you look young. Then you'll be in a pretty embarrassing situation. Not getting alcohol would be playing it safe. Nevertheless, I still say go ahead and order.
+1 for a broadway play
Quote: Originally Posted by WhiskeyBent Sir, what kind of jeans are those? I am a fan. I'm going to venture to say they are Rock & Republics in Oxycotin wash. I'll admit I used to like these types of jeans several years ago but have since changed for the better. Thank God, I must of looked like a tool back then
^^whats with the shiny layer? looks like the plasticky film on the inside of shitty backpacks
Quote: Originally Posted by PaulYAY For people who are considering sizing down 3, my experience in a nutshell (this unintentionally also serves as an appropriate name for jeans this tight): My actual waist is 32. I like my jeans to sit around my hip at around 33. My normal jean size is 31(most of my 20 or so pairs are this size). I bought APC PS in 28. It is absurdly tight, I will probably never be able them in the daylight. I love skinny fits and...
Quote: Originally Posted by snake As baller as the photo seems, they look quite miserable. Is smiling not cool anymore? wait, there are pics of LK smiling somewhere?
Quote: Originally Posted by Razele Lol I'm not the first to rain hate on KVA and I won't be the last. Kinda happened reading sufu, all these kids hyping, one was like 'yo it sucks that KVA keeps all the good designs away for his ownline these days' Kinda shocked me when all these people repped and were all 'word, son' Going spastic on laces isn't good design haha sufu's a bit too hypebeastish for my taste. I blame the rep system and...
Quote: Originally Posted by Kvc06 Try 9.75 Chicago tax on everything, recently lowered from 10.25 This makes me glad Jersey doesn't tax Too bad options are limited
you've probably all seen this atrocity, but for those who haven't...
+1 for the sonicare. Definitely a worthy investment
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