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better than the highs...but still kinda meh
Curious how people are finding RG x CP side zips in terms of comfort. They always looked to me like they have disproportionately fat shafts. Side profile suggests heel slip is inevitable unless you have cankles.
@Americanaaa Blue in Green Soho
I think the shoulders are acceptable but the overall length is a few inches short. Left sleeve looks OK but right sleeve appears way short??
I think A is dope. B is hard to wear cuz they're white yet the soles are darker. Lanvin in darker colors are nicer in general tho, so maybe neither are worth it.
Yeah the barneys collab looks nice for sure. Leather feels better than the regular stuff too. I took some pics last week: colors are a burnished brown with patina and slightly distressed grey CPs have been pretty boring to me this year but these 2 are kinda tempting. Still waiting for a leather (non-perfed) derby shine...
From what I can tell, the premium lows have: - scallop/chevron stitch on the side - more padding in the tongue and side panels (anterior to the chevron) - tongue is slightly wider but about the same length as OG achilles - heel tab rises higher while ankle region (below your malleolus) actually sits lower vs OG - different lining layout: smooth leather covers heel collar rather than breaking into a suede patch (heel is still suede however) - toebox is a smoother almond...
^no the premiums are a half size smaller than the regular achilles due to increased padding
sick find jar jar knit is true grailpiece
Yep those are real
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