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@accordion fit on the jacket looks good (shoulders/sleeves/back), but yeah can't tell if the chest is actually flaring (side view) without a buttoned pic. Trousers I would leave a small break just because the suit overall is on the dressier side. What I like to do is put on dress shoes (yeah I know I wear cps most of the time too ) when you have them tailored and ask for a sliiightly angled hem such that the front is a little bit higher than the back. This way you get less...
Long time lurker first time posting in here The other day... Dries van noten (picked up after this pic) Juun J No name chinese brand jogger trouser CP Bonus pic of my buddy same day: Etro Hermes (no vis) J crew CP
^unfortunately yes. I picked up a dries bomber that was already sold out online
PSA: Bergdorf in nyc had a few drkshdw flight bombers (like this one on ssense) for $560ish when I was there yesterday, at least 2 were smalls. A really good deal but I was disappointed at how constricting the bottom was when zipped up and I'm a pretty thin guy. Ended up not copping cuz it was just unusable unless always unzipped
Damn when i went on hiatus from SF a couple years ago @kindofyoung had just become a regular poster. Just came back recently to see dood has made a sick transition lol. Props bro
random fw16 stuff new rafs ballsack geos
I'm no expert but i'd try to crazy glue that asap. Is that a common issue with rick soles??
Wow that does sound a lot smaller than just a "fits small" situation
^so if a L equates a to a EU40, would you say it fits like a EU38 or EU36? If anyone knows, what do S/M/L in womens rick/drkshdw equate to roughly in mens sizes? Curious on the off chance I see some unisex-looking womens pieces in larger sizes.
Hmm now that you mention it i don't think any canvas tournaments have been released in the last two seasons. As for achilles they've always been super rare :/ If anyone would have a pair it would be end but their site isn't working for me atm for some reason.
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