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Hah i think the problem here is I'm not interested in going full rick (no context outside the house and I try to avoid dark colors in general). Admittedly the geos were among my dumbest clothing purchases but damn i still love the goofiness
ah cool you're right those look almost identical. On another note, I wish they didn't supersize the tongues so much makes them even less wearable than they already were
Wow those look so much better than my YKK (or is that just oxidation?)
sz40 for a nike 9 is almost a whole size too small :/ get rid of them before you mess up your feet!
but i like massive diaper butt
Yeah I feel ya. I'm a little weary of double layer shirts myself. Years ago I had a double layer james perse shirt (not that it's the same as a rick tee) that was great until it started pilling...in space between the layers....and then i was like wtf do you do about this lol
Are the pair without the knee blowouts the same? I think the ripped pair looks great from mid thigh down. Not sure whats going on in the crotch area but I wouldn't go so far as to alter them tbh. If you insist though, inner thigh darts (like those seen on drkshdw jeans) may be all you need. For what its worth the large angled soles and techiness of the pure boosts and 350s really aren't working with the laid back denim. I'd suggest trying some low profile minimalist tennis...
ln-cc has some in white and black. You can get additional 10% off code for subscribing to newsletter
Great info. Thanks!
Anyone from the US order from the kamakura website recently? I'm wondering how much import duty to expect for 2 shirts if any. I ordered about 3 years ago and didn't get charged any iirc. I know they have a webshop-credit policy to reimburse duties but I'm an infrequent customer and the credits expire. Also, I'd love to here some reviews on the twill and leno weave shirts
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