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Dam that's disappointing. Thnx for checking.
Wasn't sure where to ask this best but figured folks in here might know. I'm interested in buying some Lost & Found Rooms sweats...any idea if they fit TTS? I'm a XS in Rick prisoners (waist 29), wondering if a small would work. Thoughts on quality would be appreciated too
Bummed they're putting "Common Projects" on all the leather goods. I always thought the older ones with just the numbers looked dope, but really havnt been in the market for a new wallet till now. Bad timing
true to size ime. Had the chance to try on a pair years ago (a black/white in a ?destroyed calf). One of the very few things I ever regretted not buying when the opportunity was there...brand new...$850...the only pair and in my size in 2011...
relevant (2017 Version YEEZY 350 V2 FAKES Are Exact Copies Now)
agreed those look too small...and no the instep won't stretch much. The achilles is a long and slim shoe, it's not an optical illusion, they do fit that way. I suspect most who complain that they're too long when the width fits correctly just arent used to the fit. This of course does not include ppl with wider than D width feet..
I went tts and they fit fine. For some reason my left foot has some heel slip but the right is perfect. I thought about sizing down at first but the toebox really is just too narrow and short for that. edit: tts meaning same size in gats. But then again im 42 in mmm gats, 42 in cp achilles, and both fit perfectly, which for some people seem to think is impossible but w/e.
^as far as I remember there were knit sleeve slave jackets with knit cuffs but the full denim ones or the denim with leather sleeves always ended in a shirt style cuff not knit ones
thnx! copped some black/white blades for funsies
Wait so your jeans get tighter the more you wear them too? Interesting.
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