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^the red sweatpants look nice but wouldn't buy anything (never been a fan, nothing original imo). Also, Adonis makes everything look good so I can't judge clothes at face value when he's the model
1854 is a premium achilles - Vs. original achilles, premiums have more padding, has the side chevron, tongue has different padding layout, heel tab is higher.1658 is a smooth leather original achilles with a white sole regardless of leather color.Premiums fit about 1/2 size tighter than originals.The codes are not always reliable fwiw. Sometimes they can seem random especially as they come out with new models with slightly different materials.Vintage doesn't denote a "fit"...
^nice boots. If you're concerned about the rain, I highly recommend tarrago nano protector. I've tried it on a light beige suede oxford, some green suede achilles, and some light grey suede geobaskets and there's no color change as far as i cant tell. The ultrahydrophobic coating lasted about 4 months with moderate wear on the oxfords and 6 months of minimal wear on the achilles before I noticed some water penetration.
Not sure if these are still made tbh, they've always been pretty rare. I've never seen them online, only at physical locations. I got a pair in 2011 from the Soho store in NY and have heard the Vegas store used to carry them. You could try calling those locations. Alternatively you can check if SLP still makes raws as the cut is similar afaik. For future reference, these types of questions are best left to the specific brand threads (there's a dior homme one if you...
Dam that's disappointing. Thnx for checking.
Wasn't sure where to ask this best but figured folks in here might know. I'm interested in buying some Lost & Found Rooms sweats...any idea if they fit TTS? I'm a XS in Rick prisoners (waist 29), wondering if a small would work. Thoughts on quality would be appreciated too
Bummed they're putting "Common Projects" on all the leather goods. I always thought the older ones with just the numbers looked dope, but really havnt been in the market for a new wallet till now. Bad timing
true to size ime. Had the chance to try on a pair years ago (a black/white in a ?destroyed calf). One of the very few things I ever regretted not buying when the opportunity was there...brand new...$850...the only pair and in my size in 2011...
relevant (2017 Version YEEZY 350 V2 FAKES Are Exact Copies Now)
agreed those look too small...and no the instep won't stretch much. The achilles is a long and slim shoe, it's not an optical illusion, they do fit that way. I suspect most who complain that they're too long when the width fits correctly just arent used to the fit. This of course does not include ppl with wider than D width feet..
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