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my 38-85 tokyo slims have 61cm sleeves (from top of shoulder seam) post shrinkage, which is probably about a cm if that helps
Those rec shoes (i think some places called them the "new rec shoe) with the oxford lacing were only available for 1 season iirc. They look way better and nothing like the old rec shoe which had derby style lacing and was really long and low cut. Very similar to some old dvn sneakers:
you should wait for the OAMC airbornes to drop https://www.mrporter.com/en-us/mens/oamc/airborne-grosgrain-trimmed-polished-leather-sneakers/734639?ppv=2Can't go wrong with achilles or lanvins (at least the non-shiny captoe ones). And agree with the AMI branding. I almost bought their runners so many times but never did cuz of the huge lettering. I think they'd sell much better without it.
I've only worn tapered sweatpants and cropped sweatpants (wider hem, dropped crotch) with geos :/ Tapered jeans are fine too but I almost never wear jeans these days.
Agree Anns are nice. How about raf, pierre hardy (with and without side zip), feit, balenciaga, givenchy (CP rip)?
Found this while randomly searching #techrunner. Guess these are the new walrus runners? Love the lows. Like a mix of the FW14 tech runner, qasa and nmd. Also a sock version:
dammut those guidi back zips a size too small for me awesome stuff. gl with the sale.
holy shit for a second i thought a 3rd stanley van buren had surfaced also i dig that oversized geller shirt
dat lens flair shot seriously epic
If your feet are hurting the shoes are definitely too small...
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