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@flowcharts looks great! Both the fit and the stitch work - any more "perfect" and they'd look machine stitched imo. More info/comments on the nonnative rider? I'm in the market for one..was initially leaning towards a rick stooges (or mollino) but now think those may not be versatile enough...when I looked elsewhere i realized I'm totally unfamiliar with other options
i miss tcwalter
so it looks like they made their own molds of the rick soles directly quality looks legit in product shots...og dunks for approx $250 is tempting af >_>
I'm gona go out on a limb and guess you're talking about geos cuz they fit weird as hell. They have some natural heel slip ime cuz the leg opening is so huge and the shoes themselves heavy. They mainly grip my feet by pressing down on the forefoot...Heel slip can be minimized by wearing slubby socks and wrapping the laces around the ankle before tying - i prefer this method not only for security but also aesthetics and prevention of zipper clinking.If you mean adidas ricks...
up one
dear lord are those ann boots edit: nvm missed them the first time i hit the link really great stuff...
I bought 8 pairs of cedar trees from saks off fifth website awhile back for $12 apiece. They work great with CPs and most dress shoes.
^I go half size up from EU achilles size
^wont stretch, time to sell :/ It is not uncommon for people (myself included) to need to size up on the non-sneaker CP offerings. Carta is a dope color, just as easy to wear as light grey. @Matty123 Hope you mean lows or mids, highs are rather meh (and I own a pair). PM'ed you.
Materials and construction look nice. Design is meh. "Made in italy" is cringe af
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