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thnx! copped some black/white blades for funsies
Wait so your jeans get tighter the more you wear them too? Interesting.
anyone know the difference between the mainline "oversized tee" and the drkshdw "jumbo tee"? They look pretty same to me at least in terms of cut...both are 100% cotton...hard to tell texture/weight looking at pics of black tees On another note, any tee materials to look for or avoid? I prefer all cotton but open to trying other fabrics.
Mini-geo mastosneaks lol
Creasing on my derbies is pretty obvious but nowhere near as large as those. Still waiting for suede/smooth leather derbies...
prisoners are a dropcrotch sweatpants that come in a few variations (regular length, cropped, cuffed, felpa, etc) and afaik are always cotton...and are a drkshdw model. Not sure why you'd be set on getting only mainline pieces as mainline is just the more-interesting-fabric + less-wearable-designs of the two. As for your question, I'm no expert (esp not leathers as the designs seem to change while the names don't from season to season) but the only rick pants I'm aware of...
better than the highs...but still kinda meh
Curious how people are finding RG x CP side zips in terms of comfort. They always looked to me like they have disproportionately fat shafts. Side profile suggests heel slip is inevitable unless you have cankles.
@Americanaaa Blue in Green Soho
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