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^I go half size up from EU achilles size
^wont stretch, time to sell :/ It is not uncommon for people (myself included) to need to size up on the non-sneaker CP offerings. Carta is a dope color, just as easy to wear as light grey. @Matty123 Hope you mean lows or mids, highs are rather meh (and I own a pair). PM'ed you.
Materials and construction look nice. Design is meh. "Made in italy" is cringe af
Maybe its the lighting but I think the Mr P wash (not distressing) looks better in those pics. The cobas look super contrasty down the side seams, a bit strange to my eyes.
^uhhh I'd jump on those mastodons in a flash if there was a 9.5 I believe there are both slouchy and fitted ones, but it also depends on the wearer. For example, I'm 5'10'', 135lbs (36inch chest, and the medium turtleneck in my sig is huge on me with extra material bunching in the chest and very loose arms. On my 6'0'' friend who is very muscular (44inch chest), it wears like a longer, regular fit sweater with fitted arms. It comes down to what kind of fit you prefer and...
100% Extra fine merino oversized knit turtleneck from Rick Owens in "pearl". Tagged size M. The fabric is loose, soft, stretchy, and has an interesting texture. No season is indicated on the tag as pictured. Inner tag detached but will be included as pictured. *Like New condition* - tags included. Absolutely no holes or flaws. Stored in drawer to prevent deforming on a hanger. I am the original owner, wore this 2 times and decided it is just too big for me. I am typically...
^Those are rad. The height makes them unwearable for me unfortunately
^yep u got it now
1660 looks like a premium with vintage sole. Leather looks pretty garbage on it tbh. There's no reason to get caught up on the numbers really, just figure out if you prefer the originals, premiums, retros, or the thin sole variant of the originals/premiums and buy them in the color you like. 1528 is the original smooth leather achilles with color-matched sole...and it's the only code I bother to remember.
you completely missed my point...vintage is a color for original and premium models...retros have "vintage" soles by default.
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