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Taxgenius, I just put in a order for one that size but with the seven holes instead. I ordered a couple of these belts primarily to wear with nice denims and casual wear; aesthetically speaking how does the 5 holes vs the 7 holes? Is it classier looking or just a personal preference? The order has yet to be completed/paid for, if you still have the belt I can email Dawn at Equus Leather to correct and complete my order. Thanks.
I've been lurking this thread for some time now; today I finally did it. I ordered my first pair of Wolverines . Thank you Crane and Dave for your spectacular customer service and valuable insight. Gents, if you're thinking of ordering a pair they are the ones to talk to!!
Shipping confirmation recieved. Woot woot...I'm breaking it down like K9n's avatar. Mauro, K9n, and whoever else is part of his operation....Thanks!
Benjamin, just google wolf vs goat size and you will see what you're looking for on the top. I tried posting the link but because of my noob status it went into
JohnGalt, the codes do not stack. Use either or; preferably your tote holder so you can get your 60% off until Sunday the 25th.
Thanks k9n for your help. I did various searches and could not find it. Prior to Mauro hittin' the sack he mentioned I was on the list. Not sure what happened though. It's coo though. I'm glad I was still able to pick up a some quality shirts finally.You folks that haven't completed the order yet, those are some awesome deals go for it! Then go set up your tent at Best
Tru. I wanted to take a peak at the Henleys, but unfortunately I have yet to receive my tote holder newsletter. Ah well maybe next time.
Yea it does! Gonna have to pick one up for my bday coming up. If ya don't mind, post a pic when ya get it in.
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