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Quote: Originally Posted by Blackhood I love it, but I've always suspected that Americans wouldn't favour it so much. The Office was so poorly received over there that it rather lowered my expectations of American humour. That and I'm watching a film by the Wayans Bros. Haha well the American version of the Office was incredibly well-received, and I have to admit I prefer it over the original. Don't take a Wayans Bros. movie as our...
Quote: Originally Posted by Sunnydale I'm a believer in wheat being a health problem for many. Avoiding it has done me good and family at least, and I've read not eating it helping others too. I agree with you. Anybody else have any good simple recipes for meat vegetable dishes I can put in a tupperware container?
I typically try to bring my lunch to school to avoid paying $10 for crappy sandwiches at my school's cafeteria or the greasy pizza that comes with lunch lectures. Any suggestions on healthy lunch I could make and bring to school aside from sandwiches (my daily go-to). I can store in a communal fridge if need be.
Anybody seen this? I've heard its pretty hysterical but haven't been able to find it anywhere for download.
Medici in Hyde Park is pretty good, though Great Lake is definitely the best spot overall
Yeah it keeps getting better and better, last night's was hysterical
Anybody been to Xie Xie on 9th? Run by Angelo from Top Chef DC
Ya The League was infinitely better than I expected. Always Sunny still the funniest show on tv Louie, Rescue Me, and Sons of Anarchy just round it out
Quote: Originally Posted by Dburr No less than Jack Nicklaus has said many times to teach a kid to hit it as far as possible - when he hits it long, then work on straightening things out. It's the way he learned and he taught his sons the same way. right but most pros would agree this is not done by hitting the ball as hard as you can without a focus on other essentials
Favorite biographies? I usually read a fair amount of the genre but haven't picked up anything new recently. Suggestions?
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