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Ahh yes this is the midnight color I got the Gresham in...
I totally forgot to take pics of the shoes there... totally unlike me...But ordered a pair of Greshams in Midnight Blue with heavy burnishing. Delivery in May...
I found a pair of Antonio Maurizi shoes at DSW. They looked great, fit great, and were a good price. However, the build quality on them were absolutely garbage. I think I paid $150 for them, and don't think it was worth it. After about 10 wears, the stitching started to come undone. The leather quality seemed rather poor for a shoe that supposedly has a retail price north of $500. That being said, I have three pairs of Allen Edmonds, and I wear a hell out of them,...
Yes. I bought two Prorsum peacoats last season that were almost identical, except the color. Don't regret it one bit.
Thanks for correcting me. That's what I meant, I just got the different lines mixed up.
I have a bunch of cashmere cardigans. I fold them all.
I know Grenson makes some. I think the more expensive "Stuart's Choice" are Gaziano & Girling.Usually when I ask the salesmen who makes them, though, they get an attitude and refuse to tell me.
I'm digging the leaf green and lapis blue...
I have a pair of Chelseas in the 82 last. Quite comfortable. I think the difference between the 888 and the 82 is the 82 is a little rounder, while the 888 is a tad more square. They fit fairly similarly as far as I could tell.
I'd wear these perhaps with beige denim or khakis perhaps. It's interesting for casual wear... I dunno if I could totally rock that look though.
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