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There are plenty. Many are whole cuts such as the Crockett and Jones Alex. Or others like the John Lobb Becketts.
I don't know if the Paul Smith one would be well received with your brother's military peers. Go more conservative. The LV one is alright.
Trying to find older styles might be tough. Ebay might be your best bet.
FYI, your description says they are "Citadel" they are actually "Chapel IV." I know it's written a little sloppy on the box.
Use neutral.
You're talking about brogueing, I believe. Yes, shoes with that are considered more casual.
Formal = utility. Better = taste. Totally unrelated. Something could be formal but in poor taste. I.E. patent leather shoes that are ugly. Something could be exquisite, but informal. I.E. cordovan brogues.
I was just at the Paris shop last week. From what I could recall, the only boots I saw were the Galways on the shelves.
You have a lot of brown and only one pair of black. Perhaps a pair of black double monks or black cap toe or wingtip boots?
Just buy them online.
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